Piaget Altiplano: elegant timepieces manufactured in Switzerland

Ultra-thin elegance for more than 60 years
Piaget set the standard for elegance in 1957 with the release of the Piaget Altiplano, characterised by unparalleled slimness and a sleek, simple dial design. This marked the birth of a true legend. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of this timepiece in 2017, the haute horlogerie manufacturer Piaget released two new models that combine the collection’s characteristic slim design with timeless beauty.

Piaget revolutionises the watchmaking world

The Piaget story began in La Côte-aux-Fées, a small village in Switzerland’s Jura mountains, in 1874. By the early 1900s, the family-run manufacturer had already earned a reputation in the industry as an expert for extremely flat components.

Valentin Piaget, grandson of the company’s founder, went on to revolutionise the watchmaking world in 1957: At the watch fair in Basel he presented the Piaget Altiplano, powered by the ultra-flat 9P hand-wound movement. This legendary calibre was just 2 mm thin and made waves not only with its slim and elegant construction but also with its extremely high degree of performance and reliability.

The Piaget Altiplano, with exceptionally slim construction thanks to an extremely flat hand-wound movement or automatic movement

Slim silhouette, large dial

This allowed for the addition of a large dial: a diameter of 20.5 mm combined with an unusually slim silhouette shaped a new generation of wristwatch aesthetics. Valentin Piaget continued his success story three years later in 1960 with the release of a Piaget Altiplano that was powered by the 12P automatic movement.

The ultra-flat calibre measured less than 2.3 mm in height. Such a slim movement had hitherto been unimaginable, but it was made possible by using a decentralised micro-rotor made of 24K gold. This ensured that the barrel could be wound efficiently.

Piaget was well aware of the significant turning point brought about by their innovation. This led the watch manufacturer to make the decision to outfit the men’s watches in the Piaget Altiplano collection with the 12P automatic movement, and to use the 9P hand-wound movement for both men’s and ladies’ watches. Specialising in ultra-thin watchmaking demonstrated once again Piaget’s boldness.
An automatic movement measuring just 2.3 mm in height used to seem like a completely utopian fantasy. The entire development team in La Côte-aux-Fées can be proud to have pioneered one of the most amazing chapters in watchmaking history.
Journal de Genève, 27 April 1960

The Piaget Altiplano watches are not only ultra-flat but they also boast large dials with sleek designs.

Piaget Altiplano: ultra-slim case crafted from the most precious materials

Piaget has pointed the way forward with its two revolutionary ultra-flat watch movements, ushering in a new design for its timepieces in the process.

The watchmaker has likewise signalled its dedication to using only the finest materials, such as gold or platinum, in its Piaget Altiplano collection. The slimness of the movement also opened up completely new creative possibilities for the cases and dials, shaping Piaget’s style.

Ultra-thin Piaget watches are still today characterised by their harmonious proportions and clean lines, lending them an understated aesthetic appeal – the gold standard of timeless elegance. Large dials with simple designs form the perfect complement to the case, alternating single and double thin stick indexes and combining them with slim, similarly shaped hands.

From circular Geneva stripes to blued screws – the inner workings of the ultra-flat Piaget watches

Haute horlogerie by Piaget

Behind the extremely sleek and thin exterior of the Piaget Altiplano watches lies the finest in watchmaking sophistication. These sophisticated details include circular Geneva stripes, bevelled bridges, a circular-grained mainplate and blued screws.

From conception to the final decorative touches, each Altiplano watch is produced exclusively in Piaget’s haute horlogerie atelier. The watchmaker’s specialised knowledge for every stage of production ensures the perfection of each Piaget watch.

The new classics by Piaget on its 60th anniversary

The new Piaget models with automatic and hand-wound movements are a homage to the original Altiplano watches from 1957.

Watchmaking tradition meets modern lifestyle: this interplay characterises the anniversary collection by Piaget. Once again, Altiplano watches have combined traditional core values with high-end quality. A minimalist design also comes into play here – both as a philosophy and a sign of expressive impact.

The two new Piaget Altiplano models with automatic and hand-wound movements make reference to the design of the originals: the historical logo, the appliquéd gold indexes and the centrally placed cross motif. Both models feature a sunray guilloche dial in Piaget’s characteristic shade of blue. This deep colour, somewhere between cobalt and midnight blue, radiates a kind of vintage elegance with a touch of modernity.

Also drawing on the historical models is the simple blue cross in combination with the appliquéd white gold indexes and slim stick hands – the emblematic mark of this collection.

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The Piaget Altiplano with a diameter of 43 mm is the current automatic model offered by Piaget.

Piaget Altiplano 43 mm with automatic movement

With its 43-mm diameter, this automatic model provides an ideal canvas for the clean design lines of the Altiplano family. It also features the historical logo “Piaget Automatic” on the dial – the same text that adorned the brand’s very first ultra-thin timepieces.

Piaget has equipped its new large-format – yet still extremely flat – Altiplano watch with the modern and exceptional 1200P calibre. At just 2.35 mm in height, it represents already the fourth generation of ultra-thin movements by Piaget. Requiring three years of development, this movement was released in 2010 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary 12P calibre. A bridge between the past and the future, the 1200P is a homage to the wealth of haute horlogerie experience of Piaget.
The sapphire-glass back of the 18K white gold case allows you to admire the magnificently decorated automatic movement inside: details include the circular Geneva stripes, the bevelled bridges, the circular-grained mainplate, the satin-polished stainless steel and the blued screws. The micro-rotor inherited from the movement’s famous predecessor is placed off-centre and bears an engraved Piaget coat of arms.

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The Piaget Altiplano with a diameter of 38 mm is the current hand-wound model offered by Piaget.

Piaget Altiplano 38 mm with hand-wound movement

The new Piaget Altiplano (diameter: 38 mm) is powered by the 430P calibre, which is just 2.1 mm in height. This hand-wound movement was developed, produced and decorated entirely at Piaget, making it a worthy successor to the legendary 9P from 1957.

Just like the hand-wound movement, the 430P calibre enjoys an excellent reputation. This is in no small part thanks to its elegant, slim silhouette and highly reliable performance. With these masterpieces Piaget has further cemented its superior expertise in the challenging field of ultra-flat watchmaking.

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Piaget Altiplano: two new classics

Celebrating the anniversary of the ultra-flat timepieces