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The Peekaboo collection encapsulates a feeling of youthful energy with its rainbow of coloured gemstones. An homage to spontaneity, these designs are made for vivid statements and stylish moments. For women who seize the day, whatever it brings. Each piece heroes one rare focal stone – round, cushion or emerald cut. In a surprising twist, they are accented by an enlarged diamond pavé set prong – tiny brilliant stones lighting up with a vibrant sparkle.
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The precious gemstones feature an array of captivating colours; morganites vary from peach to iced rose tones, while golden beryls are almost honeyed. From cool to vivid, there is aquamarine and amethyst. Muted prasiolite and peridot reflect the vibrant shades of natural greens. Reflecting the wearer’s zest for life, creative expression is emphasised by the artful curation of these eclectic pieces. The collection’s different cuts and colours make for a delightful and unexpected mix; perfect for the free spirit’s energetic and youthful style.

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The Peekaboo emerald cut has been especially developed for this collection, optimising the stone’s proportions to play up a striking lightness and elegance. Characterised by rectangular facets, its clear geometry is clean and modern, making these pieces ideal for layering with other cuts. The emerald cut comes in aquamarine, morganite and prasiolite; hues lifted straight from the natural world – reminiscent of sky, foliage and flora.

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A spectrum of coloured gemstones is finely tuned to a star-cut round shape. With this precise technique, our master cutters are able to bring out the most captivating sparkle of the stone as well as its unique colour. The unique 3-prong design makes full use of the stone’s radiance, catching the light beautifully and allowing for even greater overall luminosity and shine. Our timeless diamonds are finessed into a brilliant cut. The unconventional warmth of rose gold metal intensifies the beauty of each piece, echoing the essence of the free-spirited woman. Renowned for its 57 facets, the diamond brilliant cut reflects pure sparkle and a touch of luminance within the Peekaboo woman’s artfully exuberant style. Elevate your look with the brilliant diamond pieces, layering them with your favorite color combinations

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So named for its resemblance to a cushion, this cut features a rounded edge, softening its seemingly square shape. Offset with an enlarged diamond pavé set prong, it feels entirely contemporary despite this cut’s rich heritage. The cushion cut is well known to show off distinctive sparkle and colour – in this collection beautifully showcasing the powdery hues of our unique gemstones.

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With a heritage that spans centuries, our gemstone experts continue the legacy of elevating the finest precious stones. Bringing their know-how to the selection process, each is meticulously chosen with the modern woman in mind. Fusing artistry and craftsmanship, we set the finest gemstones into each design with the utmost care.. The round, emerald, cushion and brilliant cuts of the Peekaboo collection were carefully considered to enhance the radiance of each piece and are beautifully paired with white and rose gold alloys. Peekaboo is driven by our passion for the art of self-expression; helping free spirited women express their creativity and lust for life with a collection that’s exuberant, radiant and optimistic all at once. While each piece of jewellery is designed to delight, it is in a colourful combination of pieces that the free spirit finds the best expression of her unique personality and style.