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watch care

take care of your watch on a regular basis
Mechanical watches, in particular, are tiny machines that perform remarkable feats year in, year out. Like cars, it is therefore important that they are properly maintained on a regular basis. So that you can enjoy wearing your watch for as long as possible, we have put together a few tips on how to look after it.

Devote a little time to your watch

How to clean and maintain your watch
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Storing your watch

Store your watch safely in a case or drawer. More valuable pieces should be kept in a safe.

Modern quartz watches have an energy-saving mode. If you only wear your watch from time to time, you can pull out the crown to the time-setting position. This reduces power consumption to a minimum and extends battery life.

To prevent wristwatches from deteriorating while in storage, it is sufficient to wind them once every couple of months. For automatic watches with additional calendar functions, a watch winder is recommended.

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Please note that, when quartz watches are left in storage, acid can leak out of empty batteries and cause serious damage to the movement. For that reason, it is important that batteries of quartz watches that have been left in storage are replaced as quickly as possible.


Before wearing a mechanical watch, always take care to wind it fully by hand using the crown (for a hand-wound watch, until you feel resistance; for an automatic watch, about 30 full revolutions of the crown). Only advance the date (i.e. do not turn it back), and never do so between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

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Cleaning your watch

Clean your watch from time to time with a soft cloth or a dry, soft brush. In the case of water-resistant watches, you can remove any dirt with a moist cloth. Do not use any cleaning agents as they can corrode the sealing rings on the crown and on the back of the case. If the glass fogs up from the inside, take your timepiece to a watchmaker straight away.

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your watch's strap

Like any natural product, a leather strap has only a limited life. Even straps made of the finest-quality leather can only withstand the strain of temperature fluctuations, damp, perspiration and heavy-duty use when doing sports for a certain length of time. If you give your leather strap plenty of care and attention and replace it from time to time, you will keep your watch looking as good as new. Metal bracelets require less maintenance – they can be polished like the watch case.

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Your watch's water-resistance

Water-resistance is not a permanent feature, as the sealing rings age with everyday use and can become less effective. We recommend checking the seals and water-resistance once every year or two.


When a movement is completely cleaned, this is referred to as an “overhaul”. To ensure that your watch continues to function perfectly, we recommend that you have an expert check it every two years and overhaul it completely every five years. We would be happy to take care of this for you. Find out more about the Bucherer watch services.


Since 2002, the warranty period for all watches sold in Europe has been two years from the date of sale. It enters into force as soon as the warranty certificate is correctly and completely filled in or electronically archived by an authorised specialist retailer. The warranty lapses if work is performed on the watch by an unauthorised person. Normal wear and tear, glass breakage, damage caused by improper handling and lack of care, damage resulting from accidents and consequential damage caused by wearing the watch are excluded from the warranty.