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Rock Diamonds

See and be Seen
Discover this asymmetrical yet harmonious collection from Bucherer Fine Jewellery, Rock Diamonds. This artistic experiment with precious materials makes for a dreamy, elegant statement that will make its wearer shine brighter than any masterpiece.The trapezoid cut diamonds are sparkling, radiant, and playful, yet skillfully combined with polished white and yellow gold elements.


The jewels in this collection master the art of balance and imbalance. Each ring, necklace, earring, and bracelet exhibit an “organized chaos” with elegance. Rock Diamonds by Bucherer Fine Jewellery explores deconstruction and reconstruction to reach a graceful rhythm. The delicate combinations of diamonds and their settings intersect, overlap or juxtapose so the shapes play between symmetry and asymmetry to make the jewels dance.

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This elegant collection is predestined for self-confident, bold women who know exactly what they want and who pursue their goals in life with a clear focus. The skillful yet daring interplay of balance and imbalance creates a style that embodies the wearers of this collection: strong, independent and never boring. Wearing Rock Diamonds will enable her to put herself on display while showing off her sophisticated spontaneity.

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Deep Facets

The trapezoid cut diamond, similar to the baguette cut, is used to achieve a special depth effect. The staircase shaped arrangement of the facets makes it possible to see deep into the diamond. This cut shows much more surface of the gemstone. Only with this modern cut shape can Bucherer Fine Jewellery create Rock Diamonds. Renowned for its unique design, which incorporates trapezoid cut diamonds set in a way that defies convention and demands attention.

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The Rock Diamonds High Jewellery pieces are masterpieces made with an asymmetrical arrangement of trapezoid cut diamonds from Bucherer Fine Jewellery. The pieces of the collection are connected weightlessly by sophisticated, almost invisible goldsmith’s artistry. The interplay between round, brilliant cut diamonds and trapezoidal cut diamonds allwos the play between form and effect.