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TUDOR: a legacy that will stand the test of time

TUDOR, a brand based on a rich tradition of innovation and craftsmanship, has been synonymous with reliability and unmistakable style since its inception in 1926. Inspired by the vision of Rolex pioneer Hans Wilsdorf, TUDOR combines the precision and sophistication of Swiss watchmaking with an unrivalled sense of design and functionality.

TUDOR watches are characterised by their outstanding in-house movements, which are manufactured in the company’s own workshop with a level of precision and care that sets standards in the watchmaking world. With a commitment to quality that goes far beyond the norm, TUDOR watches have been the choice of the most daring adventurers – from the depths of the oceans to the highest peaks – and seasoned professionals around the world.

TUDOR’s design stands for timeless elegance, realised with state-of-the-art materials and techniques. The use of robust stainless steel, precious gold and precise, durable mechanisms lends each watch a harmonious balance between classic aesthetics and modern functionality. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the watch – from the carefully designed dial and skilfully crafted case to the high-quality bracelet, which offers comfort and style in equal measure.

With a philosophy that combines the best of past and present, TUDOR remains true to its motto “Born To Dare”. This is reflected in its willingness to push boundaries, break new ground and challenge the conventions of traditional watchmaking. Each collection – from 1926 to Royal – is a testament to the brand’s ability to blend innovative features with a distinctive style that reflects the wearer’s personality and lifestyle.

TUDOR watches are not just timepieces, they are lifelong companions that tell stories and exude character. They are made for those who value craftsmanship, who recognise and appreciate quality and who want to make a clear statement – with a watch that is more than the sum of its parts. Discover the world of TUDOR at Bucherer, where every watch tells its own story and is waiting to become a part of yours.

TUDOR 1926: a tribute to the beginnings

The TUDOR 1926 line is a refined ode to the origins of the brand and celebrates the era in which “The Tudor” was first registered as a trade mark. This collection represents the quintessence of the TUDOR philosophy: to create high-quality watches that captivate both technically and aesthetically. With case sizes ranging from 28 mm to 41 mm, the 1926 series offers a remarkable diversity to satisfy every wearer.

Intricately detailed dials with a delicately embossed centre, surrounded by a smooth minute track, harmonise with applied Arabic numerals and faceted indices, creating a perfectly balanced fusion of traditional design and modern precision. Some models also feature sparkling diamonds that are skilfully set as odd hour markers. The 1926 series is a prime example of TUDOR’s commitment to blending mechanical excellence with timeless aesthetics. 

TUDOR Black Bay: an icon of modern adventures

The Black Bay collection reflects TUDOR’s commitment to the world of diving watches. Each model in the range builds on the rich heritage of TUDOR’s underwater chronographs and is characterised by its outstanding durability. The Black Bay watches are not merely precision tools, but also companions for adventurous individuals who value a blend of functionality and style. 

From the classic Black Bay 58, characterised by a compact 39 mm case and a dial with striking, luminescent “Snowflake” hands, to the Black Bay GMT, which serves travellers with an additional time zone, the collection demonstrates diversity and innovation. The use of robust stainless steel, satin-finished and polished surfaces and the choice of metal bracelets or leather straps reflect TUDOR’s commitment to creating a watch for every occasion. 

TUDOR Clair de Rose: a new interpretation of timeless elegance

The Clair de Rose collection pays homage to feminine watchmaking craftsmanship and epitomises TUDOR’s refined aesthetic. This is emphasised in particular by the collection’s characteristic feature, the crown with the blue spinel cabochon. Available in three case sizes (26, 30 and 34 mm), the collection is designed for women with an eye for elegance and a sense for the extraordinary. 

The dials of the Clair de Rose watches are skilfully decorated with a subtle, relief-like pattern and are complemented by Roman numerals or diamonds. The versions range from purist stainless steel to models featuring an artistic choice of bracelet, including the “rice grain” bracelet for outstanding adjustability or the Jacquard bracelet for a touch of intricate craftsmanship. The Clair de Rose epitomises TUDOR’s attention to detail and watches that tell more than just the time – they tell a story. 

TUDOR Pelagos: the benchmark for diving watches

The Pelagos collection is TUDOR’s vision of the ultimate diving watch. For wearers looking for a perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality, the Pelagos line offers everything a modern adventurer desires. These models are equipped with an in-house movement that has a power reserve of around 70 hours and a water resistance of up to 500 metres. The Pelagos is available in matt black or matt blue and has an easy-to-read dial with applied indices and “snowflake” hands. The exceptional polished titanium and stainless steel body of the watch, the helium valve and the patented auto-adjustable strap are just some of the features that make it the ideal choice for demanding dives. 

TUDOR Ranger: ruggedness meets a spirit of exploration

The Ranger collection is inspired by classic expeditions and the exploration of unspoilt nature. With a simple and functional design that reflects the strength and durability of TUDOR, the Ranger is designed for those looking for a watch to accompany them on their adventures. A slim case, a clearly legible dial and the ruggedness of the case make the Ranger a reliable tool for explorers. 

TUDOR Royal: sporty elegance for everyday life

The Royal line embodies a sporty elegance that is suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. The combination of outstanding comfort and striking design, such as the characteristic notch design of the bezel and the integrated bracelet construction, makes the TUDOR Royal a versatile watch. Whether in steel or with yellow gold accents, each watch in the Royal collection reflects TUDOR’s commitment to exceptional quality and design integrity.