SCHAFFRATH stands worldwide for unique and premium diamond jewellery Made in Germany. Since 1923 and today in the fourth family generation, everything at SCHAFFRATH has revolved around diamonds. Consequently, its not surprising that the presentation and effect of diamonds in the jewellery is studied with great care. Patented jewellery concepts and jewellery with magical charisma bear testimony to this.
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A Jewellery Icon

Calla Collection

The Calla Collection is inspired by one of the most elegant and sublime flowers of all. The calla lily has been regarded as a symbol of beauty and immortality since ancient times. Its softly curved lines are reflected in all the jewellery items in the range, lending them their unique sensuality.

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Diamonds Go Bohème

Colortaire Collection

Diamond jewellery can also be casual, hip and edgy. Colortaire – a combination of the words ”colour“ and ”solitaire“ – is a unisex range that stylishly combines glamour, fashion and lifestyle, while maintaining the highest quality and manufacturing standards. A glittering solitaire seems to float in a protective bed of yellow, rose or white gold. The finely twisted cord bracelets come in all life’s colours and can be easily slipped over your wrist and securely fastened, thanks to their innovative clasp. The Schaffrath unicorn logo adorns the golden closure.

“The interaction of movement and light is the secret to the unique sparkle of a diamond.”
Christian Schaffrath, Diamond Expert and SCHAFFRATH Managing Director
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The World’s First Ring With A Free-Moving Diamond

Liberté® Collection

In 2002, Schaffrath presented the Liberté®, a world first, thereby turning pretty much all the hitherto technical feasibility criteria of diamond jewellery making upside down. While the diamond is firmly positioned in conventional settings, the patented Liberté® setting system lends the stone total 360° freedom of movement. With breathtaking results: every tiny movement alters the diamond’s position, allowing it to dance in the light. Like a sparkling firework, light is reflected by the stone’s countless facets, shining in every colour of the spectrum and in every direction. It took more than 1,000 hours of development to perfect the Liberté® work of art.


Uncompromising Radiance And Power

Ring L1062

The L1062 is a refinement of the classic Liberté® range, boasting uncompromising beauty and expressiveness. The solid design instantly attracts attention and is elegant and eye-catching from any angle. The L1062 is therefore perfect for women who are used to being the centre of attention, acting with confidence and having the eyes of the world upon them.

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Multifaceted Craftsmanship - Made In Germany


SCHAFFRATH, the traditional Hanau-based company, is one of the country's most innovative diamond jewellery manufactories with an international appeal. It represents maximum diamond expertise, excellent quality of materials, traditional craftsmanship and a high recognition value of jewellery design. Founded in 1923, the family business is now managed by the fourth generation of the family. From design to production and shipment, everything at SCHAFFRATH is still under one roof. The diamond-set rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, some of which have won awards, go directly from Hanau to national and international customers. The company logo features the unicorn, which stands for "grandeur, strength and aesthetics", and only uses gemstones of certified conflict-free origin and almost entirely recycled precious metal.