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Pastello - Spark radiance

Inspired by nature
The Pastello collection enchants with its soft pastel colours, perfect for those who find strength in nature. The collection’s delicate luminosity is realised in a rare display of sapphires and spinels.


Discover perfect harmony with Pastello. Precious pastel sapphires pay homage to the beauty of nature, evoking a sense of romance. Pastello’s rare shades offer a radiance reminiscent of natural wonder, its intriguing beauty created through carefully selected colour nuances and subtle contrast. Experience the serene beauty of Pastello’s palette. 

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For those who find strength in nature, Pastello’s coloured gemstone offering celebrates the radiance of the natural world. The collection’s delicate luminosity is realised in a rare display of sapphires and spinels, each precious stone evoking a sense of serenity. Pastello’s soft pastel shades emulate a tonal tranquillity, lifted from mother nature’s own colour palette. Immerse yourself in the glowing warmth of Pastello’s hues and master nuanced natural beauty.

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Pastello’s demure delicacy now with added decadence. Inspired by the beautiful balance of nature, Pastello’s elegant pieces are enhanced with the finest diamonds, elevating the harmonious aspect of the collection. From simplistic serenity to a dreamlike natural haven, Pastello’s added brilliance creates a layered and luxurious style statement. Brilliant cut diamonds contrast with Pastello’s characteristic coloured gemstones to achieve a harmonious interplay of lightness and luminosity. 

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Rich craftsmanship and rare sapphires

Through rich craftsmanship, our in-house experts continue to elevate the Pastello collection. A shining example of Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s creative capabilities, Pastello has evolved throughout the years. From the characteristic rare sapphires and spinels to the exquisite brilliant cut diamond embellishments, our team have perfected the selection of high-quality components. Each element of excellence sets the stage for the Pastello collection’s innovative design, evident in even the smallest of details. Designed to do justice to both the precious stones and the women that wear them, Pastello provides a fine balance of detail, showcasing Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s power to inspire and define style.