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Rare gemstones and artistic design
Since the house’s inception in 1888 Bucherer has been inspired by rare diamonds’ sparkle and colour. Formed by nature, their beauty is elevated by the finest craftsmanship of our Lucerne Atelier, earning Bucherer Fine Jewellery a place among Europe’s most eminent jewellers.

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Our excellence in design is furthered by an entrepreneurial spirit. In the 1920’s when precious gemstones captured the imagination of Carl Bucherer’s wife Mina, he encouraged her to follow her passion. Though unprecedented for the times, such forward-thinking saw her empowered to gain a seat at the table and travel the globe to source gemstones for the atelier’s masterpieces. This spirit lives on today. Celebrating curiosity and centring innovation are the cornerstones of Bucherer’s jewellery philosophy. As the artistry in every design lives up to this legacy, so too do the modern women who wear them.

Bucherer Fine Jewellery Highlights

Artistic Excellence

Precious materials and artisanal craft
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With decades at the forefront of gemology, our diamond experts continue the legacy of elevating the finest precious stones. Bringing their know-how to the selection process, each is meticulously chosen with the modern woman in mind. As the finest materials lay the foundation for each piece of jewellery, they are selected for their ability to do justice to the woman who wears them. Behind every luxury creation are meticulous craftspeople from goldsmiths, to gem setters and polishers. Since 1888, becoming an artisan with our Bucherer Fine Jewellery Ateliers means to be entrusted with the techniques that give life to our diamond masterpieces. Many of these have been developed for over a century, others represent the latest in technological innovation – combining the best of our expert heritage with a pioneering spirit. Fusing artistry and craftsmanship, we set the finest gemstones into each design with the utmost care. It’s with this attention to detail that Bucherer Fine Jewellery has been able to surpass the ordinary. Guided by our passion to empower women, the B Dimension collection – like all of our creations – is designed for self-expression, a symbol of the modern minimalist’s innate, effortless sophistication.

Jewellery from Bucherer Fine Jewellery

Diamonds, pearls and colour gemstones

Sumptuous diamonds, rare pearls and colour gemstones gently surrounded by gold or platinum: this combination has proven to be a captivating classic. Fall under the spell of Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s beautiful and sparkling diamond creations. Experience the mysterious magic of our pearls and colour gemstones – the silvery white of South Sea pearls, the fiery red of the ruby or the mystical shimmering of moonstone. Learn more about precious and extremely rare pearls in our article “Pearl varieties”.