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From love. The best. Wellendorff jewellery manufactory
For over 125 years, the family-owned Wellendorff company has been creating extraordinary jewellery items from 18-karat gold in Pforzheim, which is nicknamed the ‘Golden City’. Love has always been the driving force behind everything created by this family business founded in 1893. Even today, led by the family’s fourth generation, the manufactory is managed with the utmost dedication and is the only jewellery manufactory still owned by its founding family. Wellendorff was once again listed among the top ten German luxury brands in a study conducted every two years and was the only jewellery brand featured.

Jewellery from the Rainbow Collection

See Wellendorff’s extraordinary jewellery pieces made of 18-karat gold for yourself in our jewellery shop.

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With its sophisticated designs, Wellendorff sets a standard for goldsmithing that is unparalleled worldwide – both in terms of technical ability and craftsmanship. The gold rope, known amongst connoisseurs as the world’s ‘softest necklace’, and the spinning Wellendorff ring, known as the world’s ‘most vibrant ring’, are iconic in the world of jewellery. After 17 years of development, Wellendorff has created a small hand-crafted technical miracle with the new EMBRACE ME bracelets, featuring ‘flexible gold’, which is twice as supple as standard gold. Wellendorff has created every goldsmith’s dream piece with a floating diamond set in an amulet. A patented spinning solitaire ring cleverly combines the rotatability of Wellendorff rings with the rigidity of a solitaire – it is innovations like this that help Wellendorff hold its top position in goldsmithing technology.

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Every piece of jewellery is crafted by goldsmiths in the manufactory from carefully selected materials and bears the unmistakable Diamond W as its signet. The exclusive trademark of the Wellendorff jewellery manufactory stands for exceptional goldsmithing made in Germany and encapsulates the company’s philosophy: ‘From love. The best.’

“Take only the best of everything: gold and diamonds, goldsmiths, and tools and you create the finest jewellery for the most sophisticated of jewellery lovers around the world.”
Ernst Alexander Wellendorff, Founder