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Express your feelings with forever jewellery
Since 1888, Bucherer Fine Jewellery has been dedicated to capturing love in all its beauty through our selection of the finest diamond jewellery. Inspire a love story for the ages with the help of our experts and discover standout jewellery that speaks to your heart.


An Everlasting Romance
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The symbol of the power of love

At Bucherer Fine Jewellery, we believe in the undeniable power of love. Love may be naked to the eye, but its strength is magnetic – an invisible pull. And through the right jewellery, we give a tangible shape to an everlasting love story. That’s why The Solitaire Collection has four signature lines, empowering you to find your perfect match. 

The power of love

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An Invisible Force We Can Feel

The heart’s energy can be measured several feet away from the body; an unseen force with the ability to heal and make our loved ones feel good. Capture this energetic force through Joy’s diamonds and colourful gemstones and discover the Royal Asscher® cut– one of the most exclusive diamond cuts in the world.
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A Language Without Sound

The power of our hearts can be measured many feet away: electromagnetic…alive. An invisible pull, naked to the eye but felt. Without Words, We Speak. Give meaning to this love story with our extraordinary collection of diamonds pieces, a gemstone as strong as your love.

The power of love

The energy that moves us

Love has an undeniable power. Magnetic, vibrational, alive, love is the very essence of the human experience, and the diamond ring is the ultimate symbol of its life-giving force. Explore the different ways love moves us through its unseen force.

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A Force That Gives Us Life

Enduring love extends our life span by many years…literally giving life and good health to the people in love. A reciprocal union that’s as good for the heart as it is for the lifespan. The Joy collection is perfect for celebrating your relationship milestones with stackable rings designed to be worn together for a lifetime of love.
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The Harmony of Our Hearts

They say love is a mirror. Our heartbeats, breathing, footsteps and gestures all fall in line when we’re with a loved one, synchronising in beautiful harmony. In love, two hearts really do beat as one. Embrace this harmony with matching engagement and wedding rings cast in different gold settings.


Our jewellery legacy
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Precious stones and innovative designs

Experts in gemmology since 1888, Bucherer Fine Jewellery continues to lead in artistry and expertise. Each precious stone is carefully selected, going through rigorous quality control to ensure that only the finest gemstones make the cut. With four signature lines – Joy, Heaven, Allure, 1888 – The Solitaire Collection is our most masterful, with each ring the embodiment of artistic excellence.