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Patek Philippe

Connoisseurs regard Patek Philippe as the world’s most exclusive, most renowned watch manufacturer, and its watches are considered the best and most sophisticated of their kind. Patek Philippe is one of the most distinguished luxury brands in the world. Patek Philippe and Bucherer have been close partners for decades.

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Patek Philippe offers more than 150 different watches in eight collections. Its extensive catalogue underscores the company's leading position in the market for luxury and premium watches.

Nautilus: Casual elegance at the cutting edge of technology

Launched in 1976, the Nautilus collection embodies the casual elegance of the Patek Philippe brand. Its strikingly unique design consists of three elements: the case, which is inspired by a nautical bull’s eye, the bezel, which is always octagonal, and the characteristic dial with embossed decorative elements, many of which are unique. The globally renowned designer Gérald Genta is the creative force behind Patek Philippe watches. For a dynamic touch, certain models are water-resistant to 120 metres.

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Launched in 1993, the Gondolo collection consists of Patek Philippe’s uniquely shaped watches. The timepieces represent a bold departure from the classic, circular appearance of the Calatrava. They have rectangular, tonneau- or cushion-shaped cases that reinterpret the styles of the Art Deco period. With clear shapes and compellingly distinctive outlines, these watches embody the classical style of the Genevese brand.
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Calatrava: The legendary classic

The Calatrava collection has been emblematic of the classic design and inimitably elegant style of Patek Philippe since 1936. Its simple aesthetics and clear layout have brought the Calatrava plaudits from around the globe. It is a true pioneer and archetype of round wristwatch shapes.

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Patek Philippe also excels when it comes to travel watches. Developed and launched in the 1930s, its famous World Time watch displays the time in all 24 of the world's time zones – permanently and simultaneously. The watch became even more intelligent in 1999. At the touch of a single button, an exclusive, patented mechanism sets all displays forward by an hour. The movement of the watch continues running with uninterrupted precision. The manufacturer has since released the first combined World Time watch and chronograph. Popular among frequent flyers, the Travel Time wristwatch displays two time zones at once. Its ingenious mechanism features two corrective buttons that allow you to set the hour hand for each time zone forwards and backwards in increments of one hour.

Patents: Innovations for the watch industry


Patek Philippe’s history is marked by remarkable successes and impressive feats of watchmaking. The company's ceaseless pursuit of new developments, especially in the field of mechanical watches, has resulted in more than 100 patents, all of which are of major significance to the entire industry. It has also produced more highly complex pocket watches and wristwatches than any competing manufacturer. Patek Philippe’s catalogue of inventions includes the ubiquitous winding crown, the watch incarnation of the perpetual calendar, and the split-seconds chronograph (rattrapante). The company can look back proudly on a long and unique tradition of horological innovation.

The workshops: the birthplace of small masterpieces


Patek Philippe’s legendary reputation is its most precious possession. It is bolstered by precision and tradition. Experts laud the company’s ateliers in Plan-les-Ouates near Geneva as unparalleled paragons of excellence. Even though the facilities are equipped with machines at the cutting edge of technology, most of the work is done manually by superbly trained watchmakers. Patek Philippe only uses ébauches, cases and essential components that have been produced in-house. Its 21 basic calibres are modified to create 45 distinct designs. Each movement is assigned an individual number before it is archived. This ensures that every single watch remains clearly identifiable in future.

Patek Philippe has upheld the craftsmanship and tradition of Genevese watchmaking since 1839. The company is the last independent, family-owned watch manufacturer in Geneva. This gives the Stern family complete freedom to pursue the goals once voiced by the company founders Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean-Adrien Philippe: ‘building the world's best watches.’ The workshops have been in the Stern family for four generations; Thierry Stern has been their manager since 2009.