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Bucherer Advantage Programme

Terms and Conditions of Participation

1. Scope

Bucherer AG, Langensandstrasse 27, 6005 Lucerne, Switzerland («Bucherer»), operates the Bucherer Advantage Programme accoding to the following terms and conditions.

You accept these conditions by means of consent in electronic form. Individuals who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to take part free of charge. Participation in the Bucherer Advantage Programme is individual and non-transferable. There is no entitlement to take part.

When you register with the Bucherer Advantage Programme, you are obliged to provide correct information. Bucherer reserves the right to amend or supplement the Terms & Conditions of Participation
and customer benefits with future effect. You will be given appropriate notification of any such changes in text form.

2. Customer Benefits

Members of the Bucherer Advantage Programme may benefit from exclusicve service that Bucherer provides from time to time.

3. Cancellation

Both you and we may cancel your participation in the Bucherer Advantage Programme without notive at any time by sending notification in text form. Please send your cancellation by e-mail to The benefits and offers will no longer be awarded after the cancellation of participation.

4. Customer Service

If you have queries about the Bucherer Advantage Programme, please contact or a Bucherer Store.

Data Protection Information

1. Objective and Purpose of Data Collection

As a responsible data processing controller, Bucherer AG, Langensandstrasse 27, 6005 Lucerne, Switzerland («Bucherer»), will protect your privacy on the basis of the SwissData Protection Law or the European General Data Protection Regulation, and will protect you from unauthorised accss using extensive technical measures. Bucherer will process your data to manage your participation in the Bucherer dvantage Programme as described below. In addition, Bucherer may use your data for purposes of internal market research, i.e. for analysis and statistics.

2. Scope of Data Processing

In the course of your participation in the Bucherer Advantage Programme, a profile will be created from your application form information together with updated and potentially additional data from subsequent contacts. The data collected my contain compulsory data (identified as such at the time of collection) as well as voluntary data. Such data consists of data on

  • you personally (name, address, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number)
  • your relationship status to additional persons (e.g. spouse, date of marriage)
  • your hobbies and interests
  • optional information from personal contact (e.g. preferred material and styles, preferences in hospitality) and
  • other sales and transaction data with Bucherer (reservations, orders, purchases, exchanges, repairs, goods, price, point of sale, time etc.)

This data will be stored in a CRM system.

This data will be used to manage the Bucherer Advantage Programme, to give you the best possible advice when you shop at Bucherer and to send you targeted advertising communications with the framwork of the statutory regulations or the consent you have provided separately. In addition, Bucherer may use your data for purposes of internal market research, i.e. for analysis and statistics, to improve our products and services. You can withdraw your consent to the creation and use of your profile at any time with future effect. Your data will be stored for up to 10 years from your last activity, unless you request the deletion of your data from the CRM system sooner (Section 5). It is not possible to delet your data sooner if Bucherer is obliged by law to retain the data concerned for a longer period.

3. Communication and Customer Care

As part of the Bucherer Advantage Programme you may receive exclusive benefits, catalogues in paper form and information by e-mail. By participating in the Bucherer Advantage Programme you consent to Bucherer is using and analyzing your personal data not only for communication and customer care related to the Advantage Programme, but also for other personalized online and offline marketing activities. You can cancel the receipt of this information at any time with future effect. Please contact us if you wish to withdraw or cancel (see contact details under Section 5).

4. Passing Data to Third Parties / Processing of Order Data

Your personal data will be stored in our central database for Customer Relationsship Management on server in Lucerne, Switzerland. Bucherer reserves the right to engage specialist third parties and/or companies of the Bucherer Group to operate the services of the Bucherer Advantage Programme; in the course of this, data may be transferred from Switzerland to the EU and vice versa. These companies will process your personal data as subcontractors on the basis of contractual data processing agreements exclusively on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions so that we can offer you the benefits of the Bucherer Advantage Programme at any Bucherer store. In this way, we guarantee compliance with the statutory data protection regulations and technical security measures. You can find an up-to-date list of all the Bucherer Group companies that are processing your data at If employees of Bucherer Group companies or appointed service providers with a registered office outside the EU are given access to the data on a need-to-know basis, Bucherer will ensure there is an adequate level of data protection.

5. Your Rights

If you have any questions on data protection or on exercising your right to information, correction, deletion, suspension, cancellation and transferability of your data, as well as your right to withdraw your consent to the receipt of advertising, you may contact the competent data protection authority or at any time.