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Nothing symbolises love quite like a carefully selected diamond solitaire does. Established in 1888, the team at Bucherer Fine Jewellery have mastered the art of helping you find your perfect diamond match, for a love story to last the ages.


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The symbol of the power of love

We at Bucherer Fine Jewellery believe deeply in the power of love: to lift us up to euphoric new heights... To make us feel alive; to make us better people.

When it comes to love, our body language gives us away - it affects us in many powerful ways. It’s something that’s only amplified when we add the right piece of jewellery into the equation. We believe the solitaire is the ultimate symbol of the power of love, making it the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

The power of love

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Love is addictive

Love can be addictive. The intensity and the passion stimulate the same twelve euphoria-inducing parts of the brain as illicit substances. In the search for love we dream of finding the perfect match; find yours with Joy. The perfect pieces for pairing, Joy’s settings were specially developed to be worn alongside other rings.
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Love is a window

The windows to the soul, there’s no hiding love when it comes to the eyes. A loving gaze at the object of our desire can dilate our pupils by up to 45%. Finding your soulmate is rare, celebrate that with the true rarity of 1888. A collection full of heart and heritage, colourless (DEF) excellent cut diamonds of the highest clarity grade (IF/FL) shine in a flawless display of craftsmanship. Set in the finest of platinum, 1888 is an exquisite showcase of mastery.

The power of love

Discover our campaign film

The power of love takes many forms, but none is quite so tangible as the physical. In our new campaign we immerse ourselves in the world of love, and diamonds, exploring the visceral impact and power they have to move us all. 

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Love burns slow

Love is like a slow-burning fire, extending our life span by up to 15%, on average. Just as true love is a foundation for a long and happy marriage, so too is a wedding band the perfect foundation for the right engagement ring. It’s jewellery made for a lifetime of love.
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Love has wings

Believe in butterflies. ‘Butterflies’ in love signal excitement and attraction, thanks to a 50x boost of adrenaline. Get that fluttery feeling again and again with our exceptional diamond pieces.


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Precious stones and innovative designs

With centuries at the forefront of gemology, our diamond experts continue the legacy of elevating the finest precious stones. Bringing their know-how to the selection process, each is meticulously chosen with the modern woman in mind. From the standout diamonds of Joy to the extraordinary beauty and luxury of 1888, our team have perfected the curation of the world’s most premium components. The Solitaire Collection’s innovative design credentials are evident in even the smallest of details. Designed to do justice to both the diamond and the women that wear them, The Solitaire Collection provides endless possibilities, showcasing Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s power to inspire and define the elements of style.