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Our Pastello Jewellery collection dazzles with soft pastel colours that can be wonderfully combined with different types of outfits. Rare sapphires and spinels lend the jewellery a certain je ne sais quoi.

The Pastello jewellery collection

Our ode to soft pastel shades
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Pieces of jewellery from the Pastello jewellery collection by Bucherer.

Playing with harmony and contrasts

The Pastello collection by Bucherer Fine Jewellery plays with harmony and contrasts. Soft yet gleaming, the pieces of jewellery have that special something that lend the wearer a certain lightness. The necklaces, rings and earrings in the Pastello collection can be combined with a wide variety of outfits. Pastel-coloured sapphires and spinels: precious and rare Sapphires and spinels are rare gemstones. In the Pastello collection, they come in soft pastel shades, creating an interplay between harmony and contrasts. The classic design and the rose gold or white gold setting bring out the fine colour nuances, letting these stunning colour gemstones take centre stage.