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Dizzler – sophisticated rings

Featuring a unique rotating function
Rings from the Dizzler collection will captivate you with glittering diamonds or gemstones. Put a Dizzler ring on your finger and experience how it achieves its full beauty and uniqueness. An inner and outer ring are skilfully merged together and can be turned in opposite directions. We invite you to play with them and let your imagination run free. With a Dizzler ring, you will forget the world around you for one beautiful moment.
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The birth of the Dizzler collection

In 1997, an in-house designer from Bucherer Fine Jewellery observed how people in a waiting room were absent-mindedly turning their rings while daydreaming. This inspired him to create a ring that incorporates the playful and imaginative powers of its wearer – and takes them further with a ring that is actually built to be turned. The unusual functionality of the collection is reflected in its name: Dizzler comes from the word dizzy. The special rotating function of Dizzler rings is what makes them so unique: our jewellers have skilfully placed rollers crafted from precious metal between the inner and outer rings, which allows them to be turned both on their own axes and in opposite directions. As the gemstones move around and around, the turning motion creates a fascinating interplay of colours.

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Dizzler rings: precision-crafted from precious materials

Clean lines and high levels of craftsmanship and functionality are the three pillars of the Dizzler ring collection. Only the finest materials are used here: the rings are crafted from 18K yellow, rose or white gold – and depending on the model, set with the highest-quality diamonds or sapphires. Our goldsmiths, precision engineers and gem setters take pride in their highly precise and beautifully finished work.