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Grand Seiko

Founded in Japan in 1960, the watch manufacturer Grand Seiko is characterised by a high degree of care, simplicity and perfection in every detail. Behind a purist design inspired by the beauty of Japanese nature are excellent manufacture movements with exceptional precision. Timepieces that are assembled and adjusted by hand by master watchmakers and will please lovers of fine watchmaking.

TAKUMI at Grand Seiko

In Japan, those who hold the title of Takumi Master Craftsman have very special craftsmanship and artistic skills, coupled with an extraordinary perfectionism and passion for what they do. We are proud to count among our watchmakers in Japan some Takumis, which shows the level of their watchmaking art.

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A new design for a new era

Evolution 9 Collection

Just as Calibers 9SA5 and 9RA2 make significant and defining statements about the future of Grand Seiko’s technical development, this collection charts a new course for its design. It speaks to the next generation with its confident lines, powerful presence and quiet radiance but also draws on its deep roots in the traditions and culture of Japan.

Grand Seiko’s hallmark attributes of precision, legibility and beauty are plain to see in every detail but there is a new power and depth in both the shape of the case and the look of the dial.

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Contemporary elegance for exceptional occasions

Elegance Collection

While every watch in the Elegance Collection has, of course, the strength and resilience to be worn every day, they all also offer a special level of refinement that makes them the perfect choice for those landmark occasions in life where everything has to be just right. Each Elegance Collection timepiece gives its owner the reassurance and confidence that comes from knowing that he or she is wearing the very best. Whether at a midday wedding, a late afternoon reception or an evening celebration, an Elegance Collection watch is the perfect companion, with its subtle beauty shining through in any light conditions.

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Breathing new life into tradition

Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection is the very heart of Grand Seiko and comprises timepieces which emphasize well-balanced design and express the simple, pure essentials of watchmaking. It offers a selection of classic watches that bring alive again the designs and styles of the earliest Grand Seiko timepieces including the 44GS and 62GS from 1967, re-interpreted with the very latest movements, manufacturing techniques and craftsmanship. The collection embodies the uniquely Japanese Grand Seiko aesthetic and offers the simple perfection in both performance and finishing for which Grand Seiko has always been renowned.

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Designed for those who love sport and aim high

Sport Collection

The core attributes of Grand Seiko are perfectly in tune with the world of sport. Legibility and durability are qualities that the discerning sports watch lover needs and desires, making Grand Seiko a natural choice for those who demand the very best. From diver’s watches to chronographs to watches with a GMT function and from automatic to Spring Drive, the Sport Collection offers a wide and enticing selection.

“For a brand to be appreciated in the luxury segment, it has to have a clear identity or DNA – it cannot be a purely-commercial or artificially-made brand. Fortunately, Grand Seiko has its own heritage, with that we can communicate with our customers.”
Frédéric Bondoux, President of Grand Seiko Europe

Grand Seiko Heritage

It was the idea of creating something extraordinary that led to the founding of Grand Seiko in 1960. During the development years, the designers and engineers pursued this goal, which is still set higher and surpassed again and again. In Grand Seiko's ateliers, the aim is to create the "ideal" watch that sets global standards in terms of precision, durability and beauty.