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Jacob & Co.

Inspired by the Impossible
Founded by Jacob Arabo in 1986, Jacob & Co. creates revolutionary timepieces and exquisite jewellery that have captivated celebrities and notables from the watchmaking world and dazzled on fashion’s red carpets and cover shoots. With a unique talent for creating designs that are as innovative as they are spectacular, the company has grown into one of the most recognized luxury brands in timepieces and jewellery. At the heart of the company is the passion, drive and creative force of Mr. Arabo. With a respect for traditional craftsmanship and artistry and an ability to envision and realize exquisite jewellery and unique timepieces, he makes the truly extraordinary a reality through the alchemy of edge and elegance.


Epic X Chrono Black

Taking the bold epic x design several steps further, jacob & co. Has created the epic x chrono, a 47mm sporty watch that is sporty, striking and supremely attractive. Featuring a semi-skeletonized movement, visible through the coloured mineral crystal dial, the epic x chrono features a high-end column-wheel chronograph movement with a bi-compax design.

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Epic X

The Epic X is a collection defined by its unmistakable design, contemporary style, and high-end watchmaking solutions. Every Epic X is a statement-piece: a bold combination of traditional and high-tech materials, exclusive and highly refined calibers, and a truly Epic aesthetic that is immediately recognizable and yet remarkably versatile. From sporty and rugged to precious and elegant, every Epic X is as striking as it is multifaceted. At its heart, the Epic X is a modern evolution of one of the most traditional forms of watchmaking. The open-worked, or "skeletonized" timepiece allows the movement to be visible both through the dial and the back of the watch, with as much metal removed as possible without compromising functionality. The goal of the watchmaker crafting an open-worked watch is to achieve the highest level of transparency possible, the challenging combination of visual lightness with structural integrity.
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Epic SF24

With its ground-breaking city-time display, the Epic SF24 enters a bold new dimension entirely undiscovered by traditional watches. Named after its Split-Flap, 24-city, vertical second time zone display, the Epic SF24 is a jet-set world-traveller's watch that is unique in its complexity and utility.
“My dream has always been to invent things that haven't been done before. For the brand, it's about making the impossible reality. Jacob & Co.'s mission is to create beautiful, dynamic and unique pieces of watchmaking and jewelry art.”
Jacob Arabo, Founder & Chairman of Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co. Heritage

Jacob Arabo lives to create timepieces and jewelry that the world has never seen. Take the Astronomia Collection as an example – a galaxy on the wrist, many Swiss watchmakers saw this idea as “Impossible.” Mr. Arabo took up the challenge and made this timepiece, and its many iterations, a reality, and a success.

Mr. Arabo is not content making hundreds of the same watches and jewels. He lives to create and innovate, always working on the next ground-breaking, revolutionary idea. Jacob & Co. is a different kind of watch company, combining the daring and entrepreneurial spirit of America with the high watchmaking and high jewelry making of Switzerland. With a foot in both worlds, Mr. Arabo and his company are dedicated to shaking up the status quo.