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Watchmaking as an art form
At the intersection between precision engineering and artistic creation, Masterworks is Bucherer's platform for Haute Horlogerie watches where artists from various creative disciplines interpret grand creations through their unique conceptual lens. This unique rendering will filter traditional techniques through futuristic and abstract ideas, creating an exciting world for Haute Horlogerie in which past, present and future live simultaneously.

Masterworks Interpreted by 3D Digital Artists

This Paris-based designers bring a multidisciplinary approach and transversal perspective to the projects. A visual identity than can be summed up in one word: epic. Working across fashion, luxury, music, press, sports, movies and videogames, their characters come through in each artistic frame for Bucherer Haute Horlogerie.

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The world of fantasy watches

Creativity and imagination come together in Haute Horlogerie to take technique and luxury into the realms of fantasy watchmaking. Just like art, these timepieces captivate our gaze and open the doors to a new world of possibilities.
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The world of technical watches

Haute Horlogerie fuses luxurious materials with state-of-the-art movements to create next-generation designs that reflect their creators’ genius. Advancing the watchmaking status quo of the time, technical watches take expertise and know-how to the next level.
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The world of classic watches

The underlying appeal of a classic watch is its timeless formula: dynamic movement design, innovative complications and precise engineering. These timepieces surpass the constraints of time to become the paradigm of watchmaking.