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To celebrate its partnership with Alinghi Red Bull Racing, TUDOR is unveiling two brand new Pelagos FXD models: a chronograph and a time-only watch inspired by yacht racing. With cases made from carbon composite, titanium, and stainless steel and fitted with Manufacture Calibres, these watches embody the daring spirit that is needed to be a contender in the most competitive yacht race in history.


Of the Pelagos FXD

The Pelagos FXD “Alinghi Red Bull Racing Edition” models come with several firsts for TUDOR, that go beyond just the watches. A long-term partnership between TUDOR and Alinghi Red Bull Racing was launched in 2022, the first time TUDOR ventured into the world of competitive yacht racing. In this centuries-old sport, victory comes by fusing a resolutely daring human spirit with the most cutting-edge technology. The watches were born out of this philosophy, by combining a high-tech carbon composite, a first for TUDOR, with titanium and stainless steel, just like on an AC75 (America’s Cup 75) hydrofoil racing yacht. It’s also the first time TUDOR has integrated a chronograph Calibre into a fixed strap-bars case.

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The daring and innovative spirit of TUDOR is on full display when it comes to the new Pelagos FXD and Pelagos FXD Chrono models. The watches are imbued with the spirit of TUDOR and Alinghi Red Bull Racing; two separate entities that share the vision of pushing traditional boundaries.

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The Alinghi Red Bull Racing AC75 represents the very best in cutting-edge maritime engineering, utilizing a proprietary blend of carbon, titanium and stainless steel to give shape to a hull that leaps out of the water at speed. 

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The same pursuit of technical mastery is applied to the Pelagos FXD models, which similarly combine a high-tech carbon composite for the case and bezel insert, an extremely light and robust material, with titanium for the bezel, crown and direct-action pushers and 316L stainless steel for the case back and movement container.

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