Paradisal beauties – interpreted by Malika Favre

Bucherer curates colourful statements of pure joie de vivre
This collection is all about exotic eye-catchers: from bright yellow and intense orange to light blue and rich burgundy, its watches and pieces of jewellery play gracefully with colourful hues. And Bucherer’s most exquisite models have now been depicted in stunning works of art by the illustrator Malika Favre. Her unique Pop Art meets OpArt style reflects the season’s trendiest pieces at their most beautiful and most impressive. Explore the collection and be inspired!

Watches and jewellery that express pure joie de vivre

Curated by Bucherer
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Vivid, exotic, rare: Bucherer curates watches and pieces of jewellery that are as unique as colourful birds of paradise. Artistically depicted by artist Malika Favre, the collection takes you on a journey through a world of vibrant colours and extraordinary eye-catchers.