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In an exquisite collaboration, Bucherer and Messika unveil a journey through time and elegance with two exclusive collections: Lucky Move and Move Iconica. Inspired by the natural beauty of lepidolite and amazonite, the Lucky Move collection brings to life the vivid lilac hues and tranquil blue-green colours of these stones, embodying luck and serenity in every piece. Meanwhile, the High Jewellery collection, Move Iconica, draws inspiration from the mighty queens of ancient Egypt, transforming their iconic necklaces into contemporary masterpieces. Each piece across both collections tells a story of beauty and history, inviting you to be a part of their timeless narrative. Exclusive to Bucherer, these collections stand for timeless beauty and elegance.
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Lepidolite and Amazonite Treasures

The Lucky Move Collection seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with mystical allure. Expertly crafted with rare lepidolite and amazonite, these pieces are exquisite adornments and powerful talismans of fortune and tranquillity. Ideal for everyday elegance or special occasions, they resonate with your unique spirit and sophisticated style.

Exclusive Elegance Unveiled

Meet Valérie Messika and join us in celebrating Messika's debut retail collaboration, exclusively at Bucherer, marking a milestone in luxury jewellery. The Lucky Move and Move Iconica collections, now available exclusively at Bucherer, showcase unique designs that blend tradition with contemporary flair.