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How to (safely) buy a pre-owned watch

Why choose Bucherer
When it comes to watches, our 130 years of heritage speak for us. Experience in selling and servicing iconic luxury timepieces, means we know what we're looking for in a certified pre-owned watch. If you're looking to start exploring the segment of luxurious and classic watches, we give you five reasons why you should choose to do it with us.
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1. Authenticity: the real deal

When you choose to buy a pre-owned watch with Bucherer you can be sure it is absolutely authentic. Our experts have the know-how necessary to open the most delicate of timepieces and perform an authenticity check that validates a watch's genuine provenance and integrity. That's why we provide a two-year warranty with every certified pre-owned watch we sell.

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2. Condition: impeccable state

A Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned watch is oftentimes hard to distinguish from a brand new one. That's because we make sure each watch is restored to a nearly perfect condition, close to their new counterparts as possible. We only buy watches that have been well maintained and we complete a full assessment to make sure everything works perfectly.

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3. Certification: The proof

Getting certified by the brand itself or one of its official service partners is the best certification for a pre-owned watch. This ensures the manufacturer can attest that everything is authentic and functions perfectly. This way, you have confirmation that everything is correct and that the watch is in the defined quality.

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4. Trust: what really matters

Like most things in life, when dealing with pre-owned luxury watches, we believe trust is one of the most important parts of the process. Bucherer experts are respected and renowned professionals with years of experience in the field of horology. You can be sure they will take care of all the technical and bureaucratic aspects, so that you can focus on what matters to you: finding the perfect one.

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5. Selling or trading in?

Ready to make the jump? Whether you want to sell or trade in your watch, our process is easy: book an appointment via phone or online with one of our certified pre-owned experts; we’ll make an assessment, considering rarity and condition; after the appraisal we can decide to make you one of two offers: buying the watch or trading in for a Bucherer credit note.