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Why finding a certified pre-owned watch that complements your personal style can be so much more exciting than buying one new.
Just like your clothes and fine jewellery collection, the type of watch you wear is an expression of your personal style. Design and elegance are important considerations, but so is the story of a watch - this is what gives a big purchase extra meaning. As well as complement your existing wardrobe, certified pre-owned watches have a unique history. Each one has a story that started before you.
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A luxury pre-owned watch like the Omega Speedmaster is all about ambition and courage, so it can tell you a lot about the wearer. And these models are not always widely available at retail, meaning that the owner has taken their time searching for exactly what they want. One benefit of shopping for certified pre-owned at Bucherer is that our broad collection of iconic watches is regularly updated with new deliveries of similarly rare and sought-after models.

This style of mid-sized watch reflects a growing demand for functional designs in more unisex dimensions. Whether the bigger models remind you of wearing your dad’s old watch, or you just like a classic pre-owned Omega that makes a bit more of a statement, these tough timepieces balance technical features and timeless elegance. If you could only own one watch, the versatile Speedmaster works for every occasion.

Famous timepieces are like great works of art, they have a sense of history that is impossible to replicate. Like vintage fashion, classic watch brands and their signature designs have stories that lend them an extra level of interest for the collector. Add to that the unique backstory of each individual watch, and you have the answer to what can make buying certified pre-owned so much more exciting than buying new.