Gemstone jewellery care

How to keep it looking beautiful and radiant
Gemstones are some of the most sought-after treasures in the world. Their colour, brilliance, rarity and durability make these natural crystals truly dazzling. Despite being so hard, however, gemstones are not indestructible and must be treated with a great deal of care and attention. That way, you will be able to savour the beauty of your gemstone jewellery for a lifetime.

Gemstone care: what you should be aware of

Most gemstones are sensitive and do not tolerate scratches.

  • Avoid friction: Make sure that gemstones do not come too close and rub against one another. Stones with different degrees of hardness mean that they can easily scratch one another.
  • Correct storage: You should store your gemstone jewellery in separate locations protected from one another. The best way to do this is to use a jewellery box with separate compartments. This will also prevent dust consisting of tiny but very hard quartz particles from damaging the polish and beauty of your stones.
  • Take off your jewellery when working: Hard blows can split or break a gemstone. For that reason, you should not wear large colour gemstones or gemstones with inclusions while doing the housework or gardening.
  • Avoid chemicals: Only put on your pearls and other jewellery with gemstones after you have applied all creams, deodorants and perfumes and finished the housework.
  • Avoid strong sunlight: Do not expose colour gemstones and pearls to extreme sunlight over extended periods of time; the same applies to solariums and sun lamps because the rays can cause the intensity of colour of the stones to fade.