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Bucherer Fine Jewellery Ear Clips, white gold - Blush

Ear clips Blush Soirée with pin pendant 18K white gold, 2 morganites with pear cut total 18.46 ct., 36 diamonds total 4.88 ct.

Product Details

Brand Bucherer Fine Jewellery
SKU 1293-068-4
Characteristics These 18 carat white gold clip-on earrings with pin transform their wearer into a queen of the evening. 2 pear-shaped morganites (18.46 carat in total) have a delicate and flattering rose shimmer. They each hang from 18 diamonds (4.88 carat in total), whose glitter and sparkle is simple magical. Please contact our customer service to arrange an appointment. We will be pleased to supply the desired piece of jewellery to your nearest Bucherer store.


Brand Bucherer Fine Jewellery
Collection Classics
Jewellery Classification Earring, Clips
Material White gold
Gemstone Morganit
Gemstone Color pink
Gemstone Cut Pear