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Shop Tissot watches – crafting watchmaking masterpieces since 1853

The watches from the Swiss brand, Tissot, are undoubtedly some of the most renowned timepieces the worldwide watch industry has to offer. The Tissot T-Touch, one of the first watches to use touchscreen technology, played a key role in the company’s worldwide success. Models such as the Tissot T-Classic, the Tissot T-Sport and the Tissot Heritage enjoy great popularity amongst collectors and all those who want to own a Tissot watch. However, watch families such as the Tissot T-Lady, Tissot T-Gold and the Tissot pocket watches are also true classics that inspire watch-lovers from across the globe.

Tissot’s ability to skilfully combine traditional design with modern elements of style remains consistent across all its model ranges. Much loved models such as the Tissot PRX, Tissot Le Locle, Tissot Seastar 1000 and Tissot Visodate embody this masterful fusion perfectly. The company uses innovative materials such as stainless steel, titanium and gold for its cases. Precision is crucial at Tissot. Those interested in buying a Tissot watch can be confident that they are purchasing a watch of the very highest calibre.

The most impressive Tissot watch that is currently available is the Tissot T-Complication Squelette. Thanks to the skeletonised dial, this fascinating watch showcases the mechanical movement in all its glory. With its sophisticated design and unique craftsmanship, the T-Complication Squelette is, without a doubt, one of the most remarkable watches on the market.