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With its new collection, Bucherer Fine Jewellery creates diamond jewellery with a distinctly modern touch that appeals to self-assured women with a flair for unique design. The B Dimension collection reinterprets the circle, bringing a whole new dimension to this shape with unexpected twists. The clear form and combination of innovative design and exquisite materials make B Dimension a must-have for women who know what they want and celebrate their own unique character. These masterfully crafted rings, bangles, necklaces and earrings in new sizes and alloys, and with half of the circle covered with exquisite diamond pavé, celebrate a love of craftsmanship, a passion for art and the pinnacle of design expertise. Three models in rose gold, each with a 0.5 carat central stone and a masterfully crafted full pavé setting give the collection a truly exclusive touch.

Text: Lucerne, 13 August 2019

The new models in the successful 2018 B Dimension collection feature a minimalist form and strong design concept. The refined folded circle remains the central geometric element. The collection was inspired by the work of artist Ellsworth Kelly and his use of geometric forms. B Dimension reflects the themes of his works by experimenting with the classic shape of the circle. The slight angle adds a whole new dimension to the circle and creates a three-dimensional feel, making every piece from the B Dimension collection a miniature work of art. Finding the perfect angle was truly a master stroke of craftsmanship. We wanted to maintain the symmetry of the circle while also ensuring that the angle created the perfect play between light and shadow. This allows the diamonds, set by master craftsmen, to unveil their true brilliance.

Exquisitely breathtaking diamond pavé

The new models in the core collection, crafted from 18K white, rose and yellow gold, are strikingly different. The trendy bangles, stunning rings, sophisticated earrings and dainty necklaces are available in different sizes and are perfect for layering and mixing them with larger pieces from the original collection. Combined with your own personal style, they create a truly unique and individual look. The subtle effect created by reflections of light on the micropavé half of the ring is particularly stunning and highlights the pure, minimalistic character of the B Dimension collection. Dozens of diamonds cover half of the delicate folded circle and are reflected by the perfectly angled and mirror-polished gold of the opposite side – a truly stunning visual effect.

An exquisite trio in rose gold

The new statement pieces in this collection are the three expressive and extravagant models in rose gold. They have been created for women with a flair for the unique and who love unconventional luxury. The necklace, earrings and matching ring each feature a dazzling 0.5 carat stone. Like all Bucherer diamonds, these central stones fulfil the highest quality standards. The diamond pavé provides the perfect backdrop for these valuable stones to shine. The earrings, for example, feature 104 sparkling brilliant diamonds.

A harmonious contrast

The new pieces from the B Dimension collection give free rein to your creative side. These new, slim combination rings add a new twist to the mix-and-match concept and are available in white, rose or yellow gold, with and without diamonds. The design of the two contrasting yet perfectly harmonious sides that reflect one another can be combined with other pieces from the collection. The ring is also perfect as a wedding ring for couples who are looking for something that stands out from the crowd. Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s designers also created stunning men’s models for this collection.

All the new creations for the B Dimension collection are now available exclusively at Bucherer.

About Bucherer Fine Jewellery

Bucherer Fine Jewellery creates jewellery for today, tomorrow, and an entire lifetime. It is one of the leading brands in the European jewellery industry and looks back on a long tradition of expert craftsmanship and stunning design. The brand is known for its precious and rare gemstones as well as its exceptional craftsmanship. Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s collections feature stunning statement pieces and unique creations. Timeless yet modern, each of the jewellery pieces is an expression of the wearer’s individual personality and a lifelong companion. In addition to the various collections, Bucherer Fine Jewellery also offers High Jewellery, custom-made pieces and classics.

About Bucherer

Founded in 1888, the family company Bucherer has one of the most distinguished traditions in Europe’s watch and jewellery industry, and over the last 130 years has established for itself an exclusive reputation with its range of exquisite jewellery and prize-winning creations. Its boutiques also offer the company’s international clientele a wide range of luxury watches from renowned brands. Bucherer is present at 34 exclusive locations in Europe: with 17 stores in Switzerland, 10 in Germany, a flagship store in Vienna, the world’s largest watch and jewellery store in Paris, a store in Copenhagen, Denmark, and six boutiques in London. In January 2018, Bucherer also took over the US luxury watch retailer Tourneau, which has 28 stores across the US. And in summer 2018, the watch family took over another establishment – Baron & Leeds – with its four luxury watch and jewellery stores in Hawaii. The company employs over 2,400 staff and is currently managed by Jörg G. Bucherer, meaning it has now been under the stewardship of the Bucherer family for three generations. The Bucherer headquarters remain in Lucerne to this day.