Payment Methods

After you have checked and placed your order, you have the following options for payment. Please refer to the relevant information on payment methods.

Credit Cards

You pay for your order with the available credit cards. Credit card payments are subject to validity checks and approval by the card-issuing authority. If the issuer of your payment card refuses to approve the payment, please contact your card-issuing authority directly to resolve the problem. Bucherer shall not be liable for any delays or errors in connection with data transmission.

Advance Payment

When using the advance payment method, Bucherer will not begin processing your order until your payment has been received in full. If payment is not received within 3 working days of ordering, your order will be cancelled. Please note that we only offer this payment method for orders above EUR 5’000.00.

Fees and Payment

Bucherer will not charge any fees for the payment methods specified. However, please note that banks and payment service providers may charge you directly for bank transfers and currency conversions.

If payment is made by credit card or other instant payment methods, the amount will be charged when the order is placed. In the event of cancellation (e.g. for products that are not available) we will credit the amount back to the credit card used. Bank transfers are not considered confirmed until an order confirmation has been sent to you by e-mail.