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Bucherer High Jewellery

Hommage to Louise and Wilhelmina Bucherer
Since its founding in 1888, Bucherer Fine Jewellery has been devoted to artistic excellence, building a reputation for the commitment to the craft. The High Jewellery collection captivate the spirit of passionate, independent women – in a tribute to early Bucherer women, Louise and Wilhelmina, who laid the groundwork for Bucherer Fine Jewellery.

Masterful Artistry and Passion

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The Culmination of Craftsmanship

Jewellery combines craftsmanship and creativity in objects of desire. Not limited to being a mere beautiful object, jewellery is at the same time a means of expression and record of emotions.

Exceptional design, outstanding craftsmanship and innate passion are always on display at our Ateliers. Each piece starts with an idea, an inspiration, that is expertly refined until it’s perfect.

The High Jewellery Collection

Model wearing the Manhattan Set from the High Jewellery Collection from Bucherer Fine Jewellery


Step into the allure of the Manhattan Collection, a homage to the sophistication and bustling energy of one of the world's most iconic cities. This collection captures the essence of Manhattan's architectural grandeur and the vibrant pulse of its streets, transforming them into wearable art. With pieces that blend the modern with the timeless, the collection showcases an exquisite array of gemstones set against the backdrop of luxurious gold, each meticulously crafted to mirror the city's dynamic spirit.

Emerald and 18K gold jewellery


The Green Path Collection is an exquisite epitome of elegance and simplicity, where the luminescence of 18K yellow gold meets the captivating allure of green emeralds. The purist design of the collection, in which yellow gold and vibrant emeralds are the only raw materials used, gives each of the four pieces an almost magical glow and conveys a feeling of serenity and understated luxury. The combination of yellow gold and an octagon-cut emerald as the centerpiece of each creation not only reveals an enchanting interplay of light and colour, but also the characteristic inclusions of each emerald, which are often referred to as the "jardin" or garden of the gemstone. Unveil the depths of your elegance with The Green Path Collection crafted in our atelier, where each piece is a testament to our mastery in High Jewellery craftsmanship.