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Time is in the spotlight with Benjamin Spark

What face would you ascribe to the passing of time? Bucherer invites you to explore each one of the facets, these evanescent moments, in all their limitless creativity, through its Mois Horloger (Month of Watchmaking) event, which was first introduced two years ago. Throughout the month of December, the history, heritage and expertise of the major watch brands carried by the store will take centre stage. Each brand boasts its own cult watches, innovations and iconic and historic pieces, in a display reimagined by artist Benjamin Spark.

Text: 01 DEC, 2017

Invited by Bucherer Paris to celebrate the Mois Horloger, artist Benjamin Spark presents his interpretation of this year’s theme, «arty», as he takes over the boutique on Boulevard des Capucines. The French performer and painter who lives and works in Brussels was given carte blanche by the Bucherer team to literally take over their window displays and shop floors from 1 to 31 December. And it is certainly an impressive debut.

Inspired by mass media and comic strips, this heir to narrative figuration is a direct successor to the pop art movement. His style is an atypical mix of American and European influences. Benjamin Spark is a proficient and successful artist, yet he is never content to rest on his laurels – he is moving away from the very precise and accomplished works of his past, inspired by superheroes, towards a more abstract style. Always colourful, Spark’s painting draws much from the world around him, upending convention at every turn.

To mark this year’s Mois Horloger, 10 original works by Benjamin Spark have been placed throughout the store, offering a nod to time and watchmaking at every glance. The artist also put his own spin on the store front and the shop floor, personally placing his artwork to ensure optimum penetration into the unconsciousness of visitors and customers. He is also set to participate in several events and performances at Bucherer during the month of December.



A portrait of the artist

Benjamin Spark is a French-Belgian painter currently living in Brussels. His work is inspired by both street art and pop art, and he draws his inspiration mainly from Figuration Libre, narrative figuration and pop art.

In his pieces, he blends cartoon characters from all walks of life with images inspired by graffiti, logos, video games, advertising, manga, and art history. The images are cut out, modified and juxtaposed with one another to create a narrative composition that truly expresses the artist’s outlook. The images are taken out of context and placed on colourful, contrasting backgrounds.

Spark uses a mixed technique, frequently employing chalk pastel to draw lines on the canvas or write a few words, similar to the style of British artist David Spiller, or perhaps Jean-Michel Basquiat.