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Armin Strom

Science of movement
"Guided by its core design principle of transparent mechanics, Armin Strom’s creations unveil the very essence of time perception through intricate, handmade movements inspired by the science that drive them: the science of movement. They are seekers of the extraordinary, pushing the boundaries of horological standards for precision, reliability, and aesthetic allure. Each Armin Strom timepiece is hand-crafted, with 97% of movement components developed, produced, and carefully finished by hand in its own manufacture in Biel/Bienne."

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With its System 78 collection, the Armin Strom manufacture seeks to create new and innovative expressions of fine watchmaking, with ingenious and practical world firsts executed in an unmistakable language of design. The Orbit reinterprets the date – one of the most common watchmaking functions – by combining several complications in one in a totally new way. The Orbit is the world’s first watch with an on-demand date indicated on the bezel.

Claude Greisler, Co-Founder and Master Watchmaker: “We wanted to create a new type of date display and function that looks good and reimagines a popular complication. No-one had ever created a watch displaying the date with an on/off function of this kind on the bezel. I love it because it’s a fun, exciting way to play with the date indication.”

Crafted in steel with a ceramic bezel and an integrated steel bracelet, the Orbit adds a sporty touch to the first-of-its-kind column-wheel retrograde date atop the micro-rotor automatic movement with a torque-limiting barrel for optimal chronometric performance throught the watch’s autonomy.

Envisioned as a piece of haute horlogerie for daily active wear, particular attention was paid to the overall ergonomics and aesthetic of the Orbit. Rugged yet sophisticated at the same time, the Orbit ushers a new category for Armin Strom: Men’s complications in a sporty package.

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Mirrored Force Resonance

As far as groundbreaking concepts in watchmaking go, perhaps none is as rare or as coveted as resonance. While first attempted centuries ago by the greatest watchmakers of the 18th and 19th centuries in a bid to offer greater chronometric precision and consistency, Armin Strom succeeded where others could not. With unique technology, developed and manufactured entirely in-house, the independent watch brand is able to synchronise two movements in one timepiece in order to achieve higher chronometric precision and consistency. It works by means of the patented Resonance Clutch Spring, which directly connects the two hairsprings for the fastest and most regular resonant state ever witnessed in a wristwatch.

Revisiting the milestone creation in 2016 from a new vantage point, the entirely redesigned Mirrored Force Resonance was completely redesigned in 2022 it using a new, refined design language.

The raised sapphire glass box reveals the innovative and truly one-of-a-kind movement from multiple angles. The pusher at 2 o’clock allows the two running seconds indicators – which rotate in mirrored clockwise and counter-clockwise motions – to be reset to zero and visually track the state of resonance.

Claude Greisler, Master Watchmaker & Co-Founder of Armin Strom: “When it comes to the open-worked movement framing the dial, it is really a showcase for the handmade decoration techniques that are mastered in-house by Armin Strom’s watchmakers. The 3D-shaped balance bridges and all chamfers are hand-polished, and the dial side surfaces are also hand-worked with frosted, perlaged or circular-grained finishes.”

Armin Strom’s Manufacture Edition of the Mirrored Force Resonance is available with a blue or green grenage dial and a blue or grey Alcantara strap.

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Gravity Equal Force

Armin Strom’s Gravity Equal Force has made quite an impression since it was first launched in 2019. And for good reason: it is the world’s first automatic watch with constant force transmission, which results in consistent power delivery to the balance. In short, it means that the watch always delivers flawlessly constant precision. Its ASB19 caliber offers a power reserve of 72 hours. The movement includes a “stop work” mechanism that prevents the mainspring from fully unwinding, thus leveraging only the part of the mainspring’s unwinding process that can deliver power most consistently.

With an emphasis on transparency, as well as highlighting kinetic elements, the Gravity Equal Force stands out as a technical tour-de-force with an instantly recognisable look – outstanding in form, function and craftsmanship. The constant force transmission is directly integrated in the mainspring barrel – on full display from the dial side.

“We’ve re-imagined the Gravity Equal Force to more fully embrace our passion for transparent mechanics, while adding complementary aesthetic complexity that enhances the watch’s special visual impact.” Claude Greisler, Armin Strom’s Co-Founder and Master Watchmaker

The strikingly cool monochrome ”Ultimate Sapphire” edition stands out with its black guilloché mainplate crafted by Artist-Watchmaker Kari Voutilainen. The off-center grey-toned sapphire dial offers an extraordinary view of the fascinating mechanics inside the case.

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Tribute 1

A statement of simplicity, the Armin Strom way. The Tribute 1 is the independent manufacturer’s unique take on the most fundamental of timekeepers, the three-hand watch. Perhaps the most essential expression of the art of watchmaking, every detail in the Tribute 1 is rendered meticulously to achieve a harmonious, integral and highly original piece like no other.

“The Tribute 1 is a twist on the classic dress watch – literally. From its slender 38 mm steel case with the crown unusually positioned at 2 o’clock, to the off-centred small dial displaying the hours, minutes and seconds, there’s harmony in its asymmetry. Like all Armin Strom creations, there’s something mechanical and quite ingenious to be admired from the dial side.” Co-Founder and Master Watchmaker Claude Greisler.

The Tribute 1 is technically-innovative and beautifully hand-finished. With its offset dial featuring uniquely designed hands and an ingeniously efficient 100-hour mainspring barrel on the dial plate, the Tribute 1 brings technical prowess and highest standards of hand-finishing in the Manufacture's most minimalist creation to date.

Dramatic, intense and reflecting a multitude of tones, the editon with fumé dial gives a new depth to the already three-dimensional Tribute 1. The guilloché engraved dial plate is handcrafted by Artist-watchmaker Kari Voutilainen.

The Tribute 1 in warm rose gold and textured anthracite tones, features a 18-carat rose gold case with matching gold barrel bridge, hands and applied hour markers.

“We are designers of movements and moments. That's because our creations go beyong just telling the time. With each glance at the wrist, our watches offer you a unique experience of beauty, balance, and technical mastery. ”
Serge Michel, Founder of Armin Strom

Armin Strom : 15 years in the science of movement

Armin Strom was established in 1967 by Mr Armin Strom , a legend in the art of hand-skeletonization. In 2006, the stewardship of Mr Strom’s legacy became the responsibility of longtime friends Master Watchmaker Claude Greisler and businessman Serge Michel, who together revitalized the brand.

In 2009, the duo founded its very own Manufacture in the watchmaking town of Biel/Bienne. Just one year later, they presented their very first watch with a movement designed and manufactured in-house. Over the following years, Armin Strom would become a truly integrated and self-sufficient manufacture, creating 17 exclusive calibres and groundbreaking design to date and developing several world firsts in the domain of watchmaking.

In 2016, Armin Strom introduced the Mirrored Force Resonance, a game-changing resonating dual regulator developed for maximum chronometric precision with a captivating oscillation mechanism on the dial-side of the watch. In 2019, Armin Strom reinvented the automatic watch movement with the Gravity Equal Force, the first automatic watch to feature a constant force transmission mechanism within the barrel that had previously been found only in pocket watches.

The Manufacture produces all of its timepieces in-house and with great reverence for the Swiss-German watchmaking tradition. An extraordinary team of dedicated engineers and artisans, led by Master Watchmaker Claude Greisler, uphold that tradition with uncompromising passion and commitment. Armin Strom stands out as a leading force of creative, independent watchmaking, with its own distinct design language and exceptional attention to detail highlighted by hand-finishing all its creations. A sought-after name among watch collectors and connoisseurs, drawn to its exceptional horological value.