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HAUTLENCE is pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking codes, uniting them with innovative mechanical solutions and an unlimited universe borrowed from the various arts, combining design, architecture, and movement. The brand takes its inspiration from this to create new approaches to time display, which it uses to elevate the two key dimensions of space and time.

Linear Series 1

Hautlence Collections

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Ref: AD50-ST00


A model full of firsts, the Linear Series 1 marks the start of the next chapter in HAUTLENCE’s history. It showcases the revamped iconic TV shaped case featuring an integrated rubber strap, a brand new linear approach to timekeeping and the eighth in-house movement. A true spectacle that unfolds in-front of your very eyes.

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Ref: AB30-ST00


Wandering hours and rotating minutes in a sporty case. This is the ultra-modernized Vagabonde Series 4. The large TV shaped screen captures your eyes and draws them to the mesmerizing frosted dial where the minutes tick away slowly and the hours jump to a different position every hour.

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Ref: H1501-0203


HAUTLENCE continues to revolutionise the hour display by giving time a new dimension with the HL SPHERE, equipped with the eighth manufacture calibre of the brand. Following on from the jumping hour disc and the half-trailing hour chain, it now presents a jumping hour that spins on a sphere.

Hautlence Heritage

Founded in 2004, HAUTLENCE – whose name itself is an anagram of Neuchâtel – pays tribute to the birthplace of the watchmaking art. The brand has been praised by watch collectors and aficionados from across the world for bringing a new dynamism to the art of fine watchmaking.