Glashütte Original

Glashütte Original is the modern representative of a dynamic watchmaking tradition dating back to the year 1845. Thanks to extreme production depth our timepieces are designed and manufactured almost entirely on our own premises – with dedication, a spirit of innovation and the experienced hands of our watchmakers.


The SeaQ is inspired by the “Spezimatic Typ RP TS 200”, the first Glashütte diver’s watch. The shape of the case with polished facet is based on this original from 1969.

SeaQ - The perfect companion

Originally designed to ensure safety underwater, the SeaQ is perfectly at home on land as well. Whether you are off on a hike, going surfing or taking a quad tour: the new SeaQ is a reliable companion for every adventure.

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PanoLunarTourbillon – Limited Edition 1-93-12-01-03-30

Pano - Innovative asymmetric watches

With their asymmetric dial visuals, these innovative models lend the art of watchmaking at Glashütte Original an unmistakable, timeless face.

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Senator Chronometer 1-58-03-01-04-30


These classically elegant timepieces are an expression of the best in the art of German engineering. Here mechanical complexity encounters traditional elements and functional, timeless design.

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SeaQ Panorama Date 1-36-13-01-80-70 / 1-36-13-02-81-34


Created to exceed expectations. The timepieces in this collection offer maximum reliability above and under water. Inspired by the first Glashütte diver’s watch, these sporty models are stylish companions for enterprising initiatives of all kinds.

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36 mm, 18 ct rose gold/stainless steel, bezel with 52 brilliant-cut diamonds, Louisiana Alligator leather strap ""off-white"", roman numerals, fold fastener rose gold polished/satin-finish, waterproof up to 5 barm Ref.: 1-39-22-09-16-44.


At Glashütte Original, beauty is a timeless obligation. Thus the refined Serenade ladies' models rely on classic elements of style, reinterpreted in a feminine way. Optimal precision engages here with irresistible forms and seductive, nuanced hues.

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Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date 1-37-02-01-02-30 / Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date 1-37-02-03-02-70


The 1970s are the inspiration for these design classics. These models are modern interpretations of the two dynamic decades that changed the world forever.

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Sixties Panorama Date 2-39-47-06-02-04 / Sixties 1-39-52-06-02-04


The 1960s are the inspiration for these design classics. These models are modern interpretations of the two dynamic decades that changed the world forever.

“The art of German engineering is the epitome of excellent quality all over the world. As a result, timepieces from Glashütte Original bear their “Made in Germany” seal of origin with pride and embody maximum precision, reliability and durability.”
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Glashütte Original is a world-renowned brand representing the highest standards of quality and timeless elegance. As an au-thentic manufactory operating in the prestige segment of the market, it unites German watchmaking tradition and modern manufacturing methods under one roof. The company manufactures in-house up to 95 percent of all the components that go into a watch, including the elaborate dials. Timepieces from Glashütte Original are the product of the best in German engineering and craftsmanship and embody a successful synthesis of technical sophistication, reliable precision and functional design.


Glashütte Original watches testify to their origins, combining clear design, precious materials and sophisticated technology with a robustness that makes them perfectly suited to everyday use. The term “manufactory” refers to this high proportion of authentic craft labour. However, it also characterises a company that is able to create and manufacture watches independently. Thus the glass walls of the manufactory building in Glashütte enclose the ongoing effort to explore the limits of what is possible in the modern art of watchmaking.

The origin of a Glashütte Original can be read in many details – in its classic elegant design and robust workmanship, but also in traditional elements such as the classic Glashütte three-quarter plate or the striking screw balance with swan neck fine adjustment, manufactured with great care in Glashütte.


The brand’s unique success story began in the mid-19th century in a little valley in the Ore Mountains only 30 kilometres from the Saxon capital of Dresden. Searching for new economic perspectives for the region, whose name derives from ancient iron ore deposits, the government was convinced to undertake an ambitious enterprise: the deliberate founding of a watchmaking industry in the former mining town of Glashütte. On the 7th of December 1845 the first young people began their watchmaking apprenticeships, thus laying the cornerstone for a new kind of time measurement.

The audacious plan succeeded. By the beginning of the 20th century, the high quality of watches made in Glashütte had already earned them worldwide renown. This reputation and their superb craftsmanship were to prove of decisive importance in the decades to come, when the course of history impacted the little town in a big way, leading eventually in 1951 to the merger of the surviving watchmaking firms into a single state-owned enterprise. Flexibility and strength, the power of innovation and nourishment of tradition assured not just the survival of the Glashütte watch industry but the possibility of its further development.