Established in 1980 in Switzerland, Hublot is credited for spearheading innovation in watchmaking with the “Art of Fusion” – the combination of a gold case with a natural rubber strap. This idea transformed the luxury watch industry and opened up the possibilities of design and mixing textures. Known for their innovation and dependability, Hublot pieces are highly desired by watch enthusiasts all around the world.

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Hublot Bucherer Blue

With only 30 pieces produced, the Hublot Classic Fusion Bronze Bucherer BLUE is a special timepiece with revolutionary design. The watch features an elegant bronze case and a mechanical automatic movement, masterfully combining watchmaking heritage with innovative aesthetics to produce a striking masculine timepiece.

"I am very proud to present this boldly crafted edition with our partner Bucherer. Hublot is honoured to be involved in the distinctive Blue Editions which have become an iconic collection for Bucherer. I am confident this edition, which demonstrates the strength and vision of both brands, will be well received and will strengthen our partnership moving forward." - Benoît Lecigne, Hublot General Manager

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II Automatic Rose Gold Black Dial Mens Watch 418.OX.1108.RX.MXM19


Hublot’s Big Bang collection embodies the brand’s key identity of the art of fusion – the combination of tradition and innovation in Haute Horlogerie. These watches break barriers and bring together unconventional pairings of materials, from carbon, titanium, steel, ceramic and magnesium. First introduced in 2005, the Big Bang collection now offers an impressive line up of striking watches that are easily one of the best-known designs in the industry.

Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Orlinski Automatic Red Ceramic Skeleton Dial Mens Watch 525.CF.0130.RX.ORL19


Hublot’s Classic Fusion collection brings together the past and future to produce timeless pieces with unexpected designs that the Swiss luxury watchmaker is known for. The line is inspired by the first Hublot watches made in the early 1980s, identified by its rounded case and bezel secured by visible screws and paired with its famous rubber strap. The Classic Fusion collection then modernizes this model with the use of unconventional materials like ceramic and titanium alongside the traditional metals like gold and steel. The contrast of these elements with vintage aesthetics results in pieces that epitomise eternal sophistication with a modern twist.

The UNICO Manufacture movement

Hublot selectively uses the Unico Manufacture movement as it is synonymous with its renowned chronograph movement. Developed in-house, the Unico movement requires over 330 individually assembled components and two years of research and development. The movement showcases a flyback chronograph which can be easily reset with dual coupling and the signature “column wheel” located on the dial side – a rare and exceptional feature in the industry.

To ensure durability and toughness, the movement has been produced in an entirely individual and unique approach. The chronograph mechanism lacks a jumper and the barrel directly drives the hour counter. Due to the lightness of the pallet fork and the escapement wheel made of silicon and fixed to a removable platform, the movement is assured for ultimate performance.

The final product is the result of ongoing improvements since 2009 with the entire movement being designed to portray Hublot’s key passions of sport, performance and innovation.

From its conception, the Unico movement has continually incorporated new functions and complications, such as a world-time GMT, a patented bi-retrograde chronograph for timing sporting matches, tourbillon escapements and perpetual calendar functions.

Hublot's strength resides in its very clear identity - the art of fusion - this unique ability to create timepieces which combine tradition and innovation.
Ricardo Guadalupe, Chief Executive Officer 


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"Hublot is known for its ability to master “a different way to progress”, acting as a testament to the brand’s track record of breaking tradition and producing innovation with resounding swiftness.


Founded in 1980, Hublot was born when Carlo Crocco left the Binda group with the aim to build his own luxury watch brand. The company MDM Genève was introduced and named Hublot (French for ‘Porthole’), which then made its debut at the 1980 Baselworld Watch Fair with the Big Bang Red Gold.

In 2004, the Swiss luxury watchmaking brand welcomed former Omega president Jean-Claude Biver to the family, who helped Hublot become one of the leading brands in the industry. Now with exclusive editions of its vastly complicated timepieces, Hublot sources the top materials in the world to ensure their watches retain their quality for generations.