Hermès creates objects. Objects shaped by the hands of artisans to make them companions for those who wear them. Stemming from uncompromising expertise, they radiate the lightness of the unexpected. They make everyday life their playground. For Hermès, time is also an object. Rather than measuring and seeking to control it, Hermès dares to explore another time, designed to arouse emotions and create spaces for recreation.


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Wristwatch HERMÈS Arceau, Ref.:041047WW00


Designed by Henri d’Origny in 1978, the Arceau watch exudes the natural discretion of a virtuoso. Behind its classic appearance lies a skilled aesthetic approach encompassing every detail. Crafted in the Hermès workshops, the case features stirrup-shaped asymmetrical lugs and can be harnessed to the wrist with interchangeable Manufacture Hermès straps. Inspired by elegance at a gallop, the sloping typography of the Arabic numerals sets the cadence for a resolutely Hermès vision of time.

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Wristwatch HERMÈS Cape Cod, Ref.:044350WW00

Cape Cod

The timeless yet fanciful Cape Cod watch breaks free of conventional aesthetic codes, which is how Henri d’Origny designed it in 1991. The square in a rectangle geometry of its case and the typography of its numerals revisit the Anchor Chain motif. Epitomising the paradox of a utilitarian object that has become a benchmark design, this line with its demanding style inspired Martin Margiela in creating the double wrap-around strap in 1998. Its inherent modernity is further enhanced by interchangeable Manufacture Hermès straps.


Wristwatch HERMÈS Carré H

Carré H

In 2010, Hermès introduced Carré H, a square timepiece created by Marc Berthier, with a modern aesthetic, designed for instant legibility. In 2018, Marc Berthier has enlarged the square by a few millimetres and opted for light effects, playing across the steel case with its polished and microbead-blasted finishes. The exclusive font of the numerals – making use of the zero – contributes to the new aesthetic equilibrium of this watch.

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Wristwatch HERMÈS Heure H, Ref.:036720WW00

Heure H

In 1996, the H initial became a watch under the aegis of Philippe Mouquet. Crafted in the in-house workshops, the iconic case of the Heure H watch is the signature of a time that literally becomes Hermès time. An object secured to the wrist by interchangeable straps also made by the Maison’s leather artisans.


Wristwatch HERMÈS Kelly, Ref.:025743WW00


In 1975, the famous Kelly bag lent the padlock of its clasp to a watch that was to bear its name. Ever since, in step with the mood of the moment, time can be worn on the wrist or elsewhere thanks to this detachable padlock watch.

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Wristwatch HERMÈS Nantucket, Ref.:044990WW00


The case of the Nantucket watch and the font its numerals revisit the « Anchor Chain » motif in a particularly slender interpretation. Embodying the paradox of a utilitarian object transformed into a style reference, this line with its distinctive aesthetic comes in two sizes enhanced by Manufacture Hermès straps.