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Industry titan Jean-Claude Biver, harnessing half a century of horological expertise, is forging an exclusive brand that unites tradition with innovation. The inaugural model, a minute repeater carillon tourbillon, seamlessly interweaves elements of the past and future. Under the leadership of a dynamic father-son duo, the Biver brand is breathing life into the very soul of each timepiece, thanks to the skillful hands and "métier d'art" of their master watchmakers.

Jean-Claude and Pierre Biver illuminate the path they took in creating their unique timepiece, discussing the hurdles encountered and their hopes. Their philosophies are deeply rooted in timeless craftsmanship, skilled artistry, generational wisdom, and the finesse to manipulate unseen details. These guiding principles act as their compass, leading them to instill a distinct soul and life into each meticulously crafted timepiece.

“The worth of a watch is in the soul within. Our watchmakers want to give birth to the soul of the watch. ”
Jean-Claude Biver, Founder

Beyond heritage

The Biver brand carries a legacy rooted in expertise. Jean-Claude Biver, with his five decades of industry knowledge, teams up with his son, Pierre, who brings his unique understanding of vintage timepieces to the table. In this context, heritage is not merely a past to be revered, but a future to be meticulously crafted.