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Baume & Mercier

The Baume & Mercier watchmaking Maison has always had powerful emotional and celebratory connotations, while expressing watchmaking excellence in all its creations. Since 1830, it has embodied a family history in which a passion for detail and a quest for excellence convey a firm commitment: to perpetuate its heritage while being an essential partner of precious moments in life. A watch is much more than the object it represents, but is rather the witness of our emotions. It becomes unique and irreplaceable.

Wristwatch BAUME & MERCIER Riviera, Ref.:M0A10730

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Wristwatch BAUME & MERCIER Riviera 10620, Ref.: MOA10619

Riviera Collection

Immediately recognizable with its twelve-sided bezel, the Riviera watch embodies the Baume & Mercier savoir-faire in design and in combining materials that it has demonstrated since it was first released in 1973. Relaunched last year, it has won over hearts and wrists with its steel silhouette, expressing a vision of freedom, an offbeat elegance, and a certain idea of watchmaking. Inspired by the carefree lifestyle of the French Riviera, this is the watch of casual elegance, symbolizing an easygoing view of refined watchmaking. It expresses the Baume & Mercier spirit, in the city and at the beach.

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Wristwatch BAUME & MERCIER Classima, Ref.: MOA10484

Classima Collection

The Classima is the round watch with perfect proportions that is so delightful to wear that it becomes a second skin. It is a classic that has been perennially fashionable since 2004, and Baume & Mercier is delighted to reveal trendy new looks for it each year. Innovative materials are combined to create contrast, while various fresh colors offer a creative touch. The Baume & Mercier Design Studio plays with the composition, experimenting and making special variations on the Classima collection each year. Round without being focused on shape, modern yet original, elegant yet casual: with the Classima, it’s all about enjoying yourself. The Classima, the ideal first Swiss timepiece for watch newcomers.

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Wristwatch BAUME & MERCIER Clifton, Ref.: MOA10448.

Clifton Collection

The Clifton collection is both contemporary and iconic. Powered by Swiss-made mechanical movements renowned for their quality, this collection showcases Baume & Mercier's heritage of watchmaking expertise. It features a diverse range of models equipped with manual-winding or self-winding movements and different watch complications. Combining tradition with innovation, five new models of the collection are equipped with Baume & Mercier's very first self-winding mechanical calibre, the Baumatic™ BM12-1975A. Masculine and distinguished, Clifton timepieces appeal to demanding men looking to acquire a classic yet performant and contemporary timepiece.

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Wristwatch BAUME & MERCIER Clifton Club, Ref.: MOA10502

Clifton Club Collection

Baume & Mercier makes watches for every key moment of life, watches that mark memories. The Clifton Collection, one of Baume & Mercier's watchmaking lines, is expanding this year with a new series of timepieces, the Clifton Club, which fulfils the needs of urban, active, elegant men – accomplished aesthetes, today’s “gentlesportsmen”. The watch is as attractive and multitalented as those men who, whether in the sports hall or an important meeting, grasp everything life has to offer without counting their time. Designed for adventure, resolutely contemporary, refined and athletic, the Clifton Club elegantly revives sporting values while upholding traditional watchmaking principles. It is a contemporary, accurate, high-performance, sturdy timepiece, made to exacting standards.

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Wristwatch BAUME & MERCIER Hampton, Ref.: MOA10629

Hampton Collection

The watches of the Hampton Collection have a rectangular shape while giving due attention to comfort on the wrist, for a piece that is as pleasant to look at as it is to wear.

Baume & Mercier Heritage

The Baume Mercier family opened one of the first watch shops in the village of Les Bois in the Swiss Jura region in 1830. Thanks to the energy and industry of brothers Louis-Victor and Joseph-Célestin Baume ‘Frères Baume’ soon became a major watchmaking company. After setting up a branch in London the reputation of Baume & Mercier spread throughout the British Empire gaining worldwide recognition.

In 1918 William Baume, the third generation of the Baume watchmaking family, joined forces with Paul Mercier. Under their guidance the company survived the watch crisis and Wall Street crash in the 1920s. Baume & Mercier launched their latest watch collection, the Clifton in 2013.