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The Indefinables

Creatives bringing time forward
The new generation of multifaceted creators embodies the current zeitgeist with a mosaic mindset, blurring boundaries through style, attitude and surroundings. They have complete freedom to express who they are, and do so through a mix of past eras, cultural references and modern trends. Their watch of choice? Bucherer certified pre-owned watches - timepieces that tell a story and bring time forward.

It’s all about the journey

Director & Filmmaker Aaron Christian
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“Having a classic piece that has a history and that can go on your journey and you are able to keep it for a long time it's really important. There's not a lot of things that can do that now.” For director and filmmaker Aaron Christian, certified pre-owned watches speak of storytelling and legacy, values he tries to instil in his life and work.

When beauty & functionality align

Singer Aimée Gillingwater
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Singer Aimée Gillingwater believes that beauty and functionality are the hallmarks of a great watch: “When you think about the craftsmanship that goes into making a watch, there's something fantastic about being able to wear such a beautiful piece of machinery. It’s literally functional art that you get to wear".

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More than a passing trend

Musician Chucho Ajene
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The appeal of certified pre-owned watches comes from their ability to resist and transcend trends, in the eyes of musician Chucho Ajene: “I feel like a lot of fashion these days can be a bit too trendy, a bit fast, whereas certain things are timeless because they just look great and you can't beat that.”

Unique time narratives

Professional Dancer Lee Jay Hoy
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For dancer Lee Jay Hoy, certified pre-owned watches have an intriguing and personal narrative that he enjoys: "To me it adds a final touch to my look, also gives that little bit of class, a little bit of confidence and without it I'd feel a lost. A certified pre-owned watch for me is all about the history and the potential story behind each individual piece."

A mixed collage of stories

Artist Meriç Canatan
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“A pre-owned item has that nostalgic sense to it, it already has a story. I love taking that and make a new story with it. Can style be defined? Stories, lifestyles, fashion. It’s an undefinable mix. Certified pre-owned watches are just as unique.” Artist Meriç Canatan loves the idea of creating a new story with the history of her certified pre-owned watch.

Time tales of character

Menswear Journalist Simon Crompton
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"I see my watch as an interesting and useful accessory to add some style and some personal interest to an outfit. It can add something a little bit more special. When I'm looking at a pre-owned watch, I'm looking for something with character." In the words of journalist Simon Crompton, the attraction of a pre-loved watch is in its personality and history.