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Opening of the first High Jewellery Boutique

Discover the diverse world of Bucherer Fine Jewellery in an ambience that has never existed before. In the immediate vicinity of the Alte Oper and in the heart of Frankfurt, you can now experience the world's first Bucherer Fine Jewellery Boutique at Goethestraße 18. Look forward to a new boutique concept that invites you to discover the Bucherer Fine Jewellery designs in a luxurious, contemporary loft atmosphere. The highlight of the journey is the exclusive and unique High Jewellery collection.
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Since the company`s foundation, diamonds and colored stones have been the driving passion for the House Bucherer. We are proud to announce the opening of the first High Jewellery Boutique for Bucherer in Frankfurt, Germany. Within 180sqm, located at the most prestigious and luxurious Göthestrasse in Frankfurt, Bucherer opens new doors to showcase its preciouses and exclusive collection. Over two floors the Boutiques design focuses on understated luxury and contemporary aesthetics, using layers of different unique materials.

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The first floor, purely dedicated to Bucherer High Jewellery exhibition, is inviting our clients for a discovery journey through a luxurious, contemporary loft atmosphere. Inside the first floors saloon character, the High Jewellery is being presented beautifully distributed within individual spaces, not overcrowding the audience, rather appearing as a statement in its beaty.

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The highlight of the journey is the exclusive and unique High Jewellery collection paying homage to the strong women of Maison Bucherer– Louise Bucherer and her daughter-in-law Wilhelmina, known as Mina Bucherer. Two women that inspired the House of Bucherer, by their both shared passion for gemstones, to establish a Jewellery Atelier and develop inhouse craftmanship and mastery for Jewellery within the Brand.