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Norqain Independence Wild ONE

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Introducing the Independence Wild ONE, an innovative 100% Swiss-made sports watch concept featuring NORQAIN’s own ground-breaking material: NORTEQ. Together with Jean-Claude Biver and premium Swiss suppliers located within a 60-kilometre radius from NORQAIN HQ in Nidau, Norqain created a world premiere in the watch industry. NORTEQ conquers the standard black carbon fibre tint by introducing a process that creates different composite colours. This revolutionary material is six times lighter than steel and 3.5 times lighter than titanium and is presented with the Wild ONE line, which includes one limited edition piece designed together with wildlife ambassador Dean Schneider.

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The NORQAIN Independence Wild ONE, made with NORQAINs proprietary NORTEQ carbon fibre material, is the ultimate sports watch. Six times lighter than steel and 3.5 times lighter than titanium with water resistance to a depth of 200 metres, it is robust enough for virtually any activity on land or water.