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Introducing the new Classic Moon
LAURENT FERRIER is synonymous with timeless designs, peerless finishing, understated elegance and mechanical excellence. Having enjoyed success at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) on more than one occasion, the Maison attracts the patronage of the most discerning watch collectors across the globe.

LAURENT FERRIER introduce the new Classic Moon Blue


Taking us once again on a quest for the skies, this time LAURENT FERRIER returns to its Classic first love, it is more ambitious with two versions of its new Classic Moon. The Classic Moon Blue, with its annual calendar and moon phase, embodies classical elegance, thanks to its meticulously curated dial. Its monochrome dial brings a modern twist to the Classic design with an unmatched refinement.

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Laurent Ferrier Classic Moon Blue, Ref.: LCF039.AC.C1WC


The Classic Moon Blue case echoes the poetic curves of the design named Best Men's Watch by the GPHG in 2010, the year the brand was founded. A fitting frame for LAURENT FERRIER's first moon phase complication. Its subtle 40 mm diameter and delicately curved lugs ensure a harmonious presence on the wrist. The monochrome dial brings a modern touch to the classic design. These contemporary accents, revealed by the grey-blue shades, are enhanced by the opaline finish, dear to LAURENT FERRIER. At 6 o’clock, the brand's first-ever moon phase display captivates with its aventurine glass. This glass is engraved and then painted by hand with white SuperLuminova to reveal the moons of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The Classic Moon features a sapphire case back that offers an extensive view of the new annual calendar and moon phase caliber, LF126.02.

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Laurent Ferrier Classic Moon Silver, Ref.: LCF039.R5.G3N


The Classic Moon Silver, an annual calendar with moon phase, embodies classic elegance, particularly with its meticulously curated dial. The dial’s soft vertical satin finish creates a subtle and delicate play of light, giving a minimalist and pure feeling despite displaying a wide range of indications. Two bevelled windows display the day of the week and the month. At the centre of the small seconds sub dial at 6 o'clock is an enigmatic dark blue disc representing the moon phases. This Murano aventurine glass is first engraved to depict the moon and stars, with details hand-painted in white. These celestial bodies are then hand-filled with white Super-LumiNova, fixed at high temperature. After firing, touches of grey paint are added to create shadows and nuances forming the moon’s craters and the stars' textures. This moon phase disc is finally topped with a translucent petrol blue enamel element.

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Laurent Ferrier Classic Origin Blue, Ref.: LCF036.T1.CG


Initially developed to pay tribute to all the aesthetic codes created by Mr Laurent Ferrier himself in 2010, the Classic Origin has succeeded in becoming an icon of the LF collection. With its Assegai hands, drop-shaped indices, and elegant powdery-grey hour track, as well as the case’s perfect combination of straight and curved lines and the abundance of exceptional finishes on the movement, this piece truly represents the quintessence of the brand. Blue is not only the designer’s favourite colour, but Laurent considers it to be essential in any watch collection. The carefully selected intensity of blue on this new dial, along with the graphic lines and the grade 5 titanium classic case, give this reference a very modern and dynamic feel. The manual-winding calibre LF116.01 has been crafted with the greatest refinement. Visible through the sapphire case back, it incorporates a screw balance and Breguet-type overcoil balance-spring. This combination enhances precision and mitigates positional timekeeping errors while improving isochronism. 

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Laurent Ferrier Classic Micro-Rotor Evergreen, Ref.: LCF004.R5.VR1


The term ‘Evergreen’ combines timeless character with the associations of the colour green: a shade deeply connected with nature, growth and renewal. Embodying these principles, the latest interpretations of the Micro-Rotor evoke this enduring elegance. The curve of the solid Classic red gold case reflects the pure, restrained LAURENT FERRIER style. It echoes the smooth pebble shape of the understated and sophisticated models of 19th century horological history, and particularly that of pocket watches. This unique timepiece harmoniously combine the traditional principles of watchmaking with the latest technical advances. Each is equipped with the FBN 229.01 calibre, a LAURENT FERRIER signature. This self-winding movement is equipped with a micro-rotor with natural escapement, a technical innovation that has been particularly well-received by enthusiasts. Characterised by a unidirectional ratchet-type micro-rotor, it boasts a three-day power reserve. 

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Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto Blue, Ref.: LCF040.T1.C1GC5


“At the start of 2022, I am proud to present a new watch in our collection: the Sport Auto. A tribute piece to the extraordinary adventure that we experienced as young men.”

The case and bracelet of the Sport Auto is a refined interplay of firm and rounded curves enlivened by a few counter-curves outlining a bodywork with a perfectly balanced design. The domed sapphire offers a bird's-eye view of a dial bringing together all the LAURENT FERRIER aesthetic codes. Its different shades of blue, combined with its opaline finish, gives it a soft and powdery line. For the first time in the history of LAURENT FERRIER, the micro-rotor is made here in 950 platinum to achieve a more contemporary contrast with the ruthenium-coated bridges. The latter have a horizontal satin finish which offers the movement, a dynamic look that is both very modern but also very intense. Combined with the dark shades of the grade 5 titanium of the bracelet and case; this reinforces the penetrating and sporty character of this new exceptional timepiece.

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Laurent Ferrier Grand Sport Tourbillon Pursuit, Ref.: LCF044.T1.RN1


For the two founders of LAURENT FERRIER, both of whom have driven many times in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, sunrise is the perfect time of day to be behind the wheel on the famous Sarthe circuit. The Grand Sport Tourbillon Pursuit is a tribute to this incredible experience, and to the passion that drives LAURENT FERRIER. As the rising sun, still hidden, tinted the sky with an orange-pink glow, both men have found themselves alone on the Mulsanne straight, the roar of a Porsche 935 their only co-driver. Once met by this rosy hue, any notion of victory or defeat, fatigue or ardour — even ambition for the final ranking — faded away. All that remained was immense joy, and the thrill of imagining that they were the sole privileged spectators of this extraordinary ballet of light.

This watch features a stunning salmon-pink dial that captures the breathtaking beauty of the sky at dawn. The architecture of the Grand Sport case in titanium evokes the elegant, timeless curves of racing cars. The double-balance-spring tourbillon of the LF619.01 calibre, visible through the sapphire crystal case back, is worthy of the most efficient motor engines.

“I wanted my watch to be a symbol of discrete elegance. Every element has been painstakingly considered over and over until we thought it was perfect. ”
LAURENT FERRIER, co-founder and creative director


Laurent Ferrier was born in Geneva in 1946, from a three-generation watchmaking family. He trained at the Geneva school of watchmaking and began his career developing movements prototype for one of the most reknowed watch brand, focusing on haute horlogerie calibres. There, in 1974, he started designing timepieces in traditional styles, considering both aesthetic and technical aspects. In 2008, after 37 years of working for the same brand, with support from friend François Servanin, he created his dream watch, free from constraints. In 2010, he founded the brand "LAURENT FERRIER," embodying a new generation of exceptional timepieces. Laurent Ferrier fulfilled his horological dream: the kind of watchmaking that should never have ceased to exist, where one takes the time to do things properly. Despite many challenges, modern techniques and his extensive experience made all the difference. He took a new path, offering an alternative to established companies.