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A. Lange & Söhne

Based in Saxony, A. Lange & Söhne is one of the most exclusive brands in international fine watchmaking. The watchmakers at Lange still uphold the art of fine craftsmanship as it was once practiced at the court in Dresden. At the same time, they generate a continuous stream of technical innovations that contribute to the further development of precision mechanical watchmaking.


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The name of the 1815 watch family is a reference to the year in which Ferdinand Adolph Lange was born. With its artisanal perfection and many elements that can be traced back to him, it is a fitting tribute to the man who established precision watchmaking in Germany. Its outstanding legibility and individual, high-contrast design render it a contemporary watch. 

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Lange 1

The LANGE 1 was one of the first watches made following the re-establishment of our manufactory. Its extraordinary combination of tradition and innovation makes it a prime example of Lange watchmaking artistry. With pioneering features such as the off-centre dial layout and outsize date, this watch family is writing history.

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The mechanics take pride of place in the SAXONIA watch family. We are always looking for new design challenges so that we can continue improving these pieces. In doing this, we perfect these relatively simple watches with the same consistency as with more intricate models. Completely new mechanisms are frequently produced as a result. 

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The ZEITWERK features a digital display and is one of the most advanced watches of the contemporary era. It is the first mechanical wristwatch with a jumping numerals mechanism consisting of three discs. This groundbreaking concept has received multiple awards.

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With RICHARD LANGE, we are reviving a category of timepieces steeped in history: the observation watches. Thanks to their high degree of rate accuracy, good legibility and ruggedness, they acted as indispensable precision instruments for many highly regarded academics, researchers and explorers of the 18th and 19th centuries. Now the RICHARD LANGE watch family is also paying tribute to a pioneer of timekeeping.

“There is something that you demand not only of your watch, but also of yourself: never stand still. ”
Walter Lange,

Brand Heritage

The history of A. Lange & Söhne is marked by highs and lows, success and hard times, and, most of all, by unique personalities with big dreams and determination – they made A. Lange & Söhne what it is today.