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IWC Schaffhausen


The Chronograph – an IWC Icon

robustness, precision and a distinctive character
Instrument watches like the chronograph are characterised by their robustness and high precision. IWC is recognised as the reference for chronograph watches, as their strive for performance, functionality, and quality has driven them to constantly refine these timepieces since the launch of the first chronograph in 1980. The uncompromising pursuit of functionality is also reflected in the design. It unites all their chronographs: The vertical arrangement of the dial improves readability and gives the watches their distinctive character.
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Timepiece With Exceptional Technical Features – the Pilot's Watch

Originally a navigation instrument for pilots, the first IWC Pilot's watches set the technical standards as early as the 1930s and 1940s and, with their eye-catching dials reminiscent of classic flight instruments, defined the appearance of classic pilot's watches. Innovative materials and advanced functions have shaped the aesthetics of these timepieces ever since.
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The Portugieser – Timeless and Versatile

Thanks to its sportiness and elegance, the Portugieser Chronograph is one of the most popular watches in the IWC Portugieser family. Made for Portuguese traders in 1930, the first Portugieser was born. Today, the watches with their distinctive size and slender feuille hands are style icons. The Portugieser is one of IWC's oldest watch models and is still very popular today thanks to its reduced, finely structured dial.
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The Portofino – Classic, Elegant Perfection

With the return to the classic, round gold case in 1984, the signature model of the Portofino family was born. Since then, the elegant watches have stood for the ease of Mediterranean lifestyle and understatement. Thanks to its timeless, purist design, the Portofino is equally popular amongst women and men today. With its different case sizes and materials, dials and bracelets, there is something for every exquisite taste.