Time of Icons - Icons of Time

Hannes Schmid & Bucherer
The book "Time of Icons - Icons of Time" presents a pairing of iconic timepieces with the era-defining rockstar photography of Hannes Schmid. It explores the parallel journeys of groundbreaking watches and legendary musicians, which redefined the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship. The exclusive book celebrates the lasting influence these icons have had on culture for the coming decades. Selected artworks and pre-owned watches will also be displayed at Bucherer New York and at Sotheby's in Zurich.
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Limited edition of 250 books

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Time of Icons

Hannes Schmid’s pictures of immortal rock legends such as Queen, Motörhead, Kiss, AC/DC, ABBA, Blondie, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, and many others have become icons for generations of fans. With his camera, he accompanied the bands and the individual stars up close - not as a paparazzo, but always as a friendly ‘member’ of the band. In recent years, he has delved into various art forms to create a provocative body of work, including transforming his Marlboro Man onto canvas and a social sculpture in Cambodia.

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Icons of Time

Bucherer curated a selection of watches that mirror the same epoch as Hannes Schmid's photography. This unique collection highlights timepieces from the vibrant era of rock and roll and reflects the spirit and energy of the musicians. Each watch was carefully chosen for its historical and aesthetic significance to seamlessly connect with the iconic moments and personalities captured through Schmid's lens.

Hannes Schmid

Swiss artist Hannes Schmid is most sought after for his extraordinary photo essays. Born in 1946 to Swiss parents, he was trained as an electrician but found his true calling in photography while travelling on a work trip in South Africa. Largely self-taught, yet a consummate master of the medium, his decades-spanning works are sans pareil unconventional and recognized in various genres of photography. 

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For a good cause

The Smiling Gecko Foundation, established by Hannes Schmid, supports Cambodian communities through sustainable projects in education and housing, aiming for self-sufficiency and poverty alleviation. Emphasizing local empowerment, its efforts include creating self-sustaining clusters. All book sales net proceeds directly benefit the foundation's mission.