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Luxurious, unpretentious and an oasis of calm. The new High Jewellery Salon opens its doors in the middle of Zurich’s bustling Bahnhofstrasse and whisks customers away into the world of sparkling gemstones and incomparable jewellery. Not only does the High Jewellery Salon showcase the most fascinating creations from Bucherer Fine Jewellery – the space also offers visitors to the Zurich flagship boutique a very special shopping experience.
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Bucherer's century-long passion for excellence

Diamonds and coloured gemstones have been a great passion of Bucherer’s since the company was founded in 1888. With the launch of its first High Jewellery collection and the opening of the first High Jewellery boutique in Frankfurt am Main in 2022, Bucherer celebrated an important milestone. The new High Jewellery Salon in Zurich further demonstrates Bucherer’s passion and expertise in the area of high jewellery and the company’s love of designing jewellery marked by utter perfection and uniqueness.

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The third floor of the flagship boutique at Bahnhofstrasse 50 was thoroughly renovated and converted into a sales area so all the plans could be implemented perfectly and give the pieces of jewellery enough space to shine. The salon was skilfully broken up into three areas to create this apartment-like ambiance. Jewellery showcases were cleverly placed across all of these areas, with large mirrors giving the space a modern and elegant twist.

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The precious pieces of high jewellery on display at the salon are all unique and were created with a great deal of love and dedication in the workshops of Bucherer Fine Jewellery. Aficionados of rare semi-precious stone jewellery, for example, will be delighted with the playful Pastello Confetti Set. Lovers of sparkling diamonds will be thrilled by the eight precious pieces in the Inner Fire capsule collection. The cocktail rings, too, are distinctive and breathtaking – each one is unique, and they glisten in all the colours of the rainbow.

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“The opening of the High Jewellery Salon in the Zurich flagship boutique represents an important step and another highlight for Bucherer Fine Jewellery on our journey to expand and strengthen our expertise in the area of high jewellery, with all our skills focused at the very highest level. We are excited to reach another milestone in our company’s history by opening the High Jewellery Salon at our Zurich location. Here, we have strong local ties as well as an exciting international clientele, and we believe that the exceptional pieces of jewellery as well as the overall concept will meet with great interest from both target groups.”
Robert Ambord, Global Director Bucherer Fine Jewellery (a.i.)