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Tamara Comolli

Since it was founded in 1992, the TAMARA COMOLLI brand has been renowned for its breathtaking use of vivid gemstones. The versatile, playful and timeless designs allow every woman to wear precious jewellery designs with ease, joy and nonchalance. The brand’s unique symbol, the water drop, pays homage to the inspiration behind the designs – the love of the sea.


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With the philosophy ‘Effortless Luxury’, TAMARA COMOLLI has captured the hearts of jewellery lovers around the world. Fine jewellery is designed to bring joy to women of all ages and highlight their individuality – every single day. An inspiring, never-ending journey begins with your first piece of TAMARA COMOLLI jewellery.

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Passion for gemstones

The brand’s endless passion for vibrant, colourful gemstones is evident in all its collections. Experienced gemologists travel the world in search of nature’s rare treasures, from Brazil and Madagascar to the magical island of Tahiti. 

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Color Stories

Color Stories are enchanting, balanced colour compositions that create true gemstone harmonies. Every Color Story tells of the unique love affair between gemstones and shades of gold; they are the binding element between the collections and offer the perfect opportunity to get creative by mixing and matching. 

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TAMARA COMOLLI encourages women to reinterpret fine jewellery and style it their own way, whether by creating a bold layered look, by pairing it with unusual materials such as precious woods, or by wearing it casually on a leather strap.

“My designs represent a true passion for nature.”
Tamara Comolli, Founder and Designer