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Cookies essentiels / fonctionnels

Fournisseur  Description Cookie Période
Bucherer On bucherer.com we use Cookies to save your settings like cookie banner, country, language and cart. dwanonymous_*, sid, dwsid, dwSoftGeo, __sfcc_redirect_done, dw_dnt, _gid, __cq_dnt, __cfduid, gdpr_cookie_ch, gdpr_cookie_de, privacy-notification, client_localization, foreign_country_warning, sxa_site, bucherer#lang, ASP.NET_SessionId, bucherer-resolver#lang
__RequestVerificationToken, ch/-/media/project/bucherer/mam/cs_15395.png, ch/-/media/project/bucherer/mam/cs_24971.png, 
gdpr_cookie_uk, gdpr_cookie_ch, gdpr_cookie_de, gdpr_cookie_at, gdpr_cookie_uk
Adobe Inc. Adobe Site Catalyst – Rolex The previous link clicked on by the user 
s_sq, s_cc, s_fid session
Salesforce Saving your browser settings in our shop software Salesforce. BrowserId_sec session
Salesforce Définit le drapeau de suivi autorisé pour la session. Si le suivi n'est pas autorisé, plusieurs services dépendant du suivi seront restreints ou désactivés : Recommandations d'intelligence prédictive, données actives, analyse du comportement du client dans la vitrine. En outre, les clics collectés dans le flux de clics de la session seront effacés. Le réglage de cette propriété à l'une ou l'autre valeur entraîne également la création d'un cookie de session nommé "dw_dnt" (1=DoNotTrack ; 0=Track). CQuotient session


Performance cookies

Provider  Description Cookie Period
Google LLC This Cookie from Google is for Website-Analyses and creates statistic data about the visiting on our website and how it's used. 
For more information please also visit: https://policies.google.com/privacy
_ga,_gat,_gid 2 years
Mouseflow Mouseflow is used to improve the UserExperience on our website. mf_user session
Google Tag Manager from Google LLC This cookie is used to monitor our campaigns. _dc_gtm_UA-18970392-4, _dc_gtm_UA-18970392-1, _gcl_dc, _gac_UA-18970392-5, _gcl_aw 90 days
LinkedIn We use LinkedIn cookies for advertisement analytics, share button functionality, security and user tracking cookies li_oatml, UserMatchHistory, lang, liap, lidc, lissc, _guid, bcookie, UserMatchHistory, bscookie, JSESSIONID, spectroscopyId, li_at, fid, fcookie session or longer

Marketing cookies

Provider  Description Cookie Period
Facebook Pixel from Facebook Irland Ltd. Cookie from Facebook which is used for Website analysing, Ad-Targeting and measurements of advertisments. For more information see also https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies _fbp,act,c_user, datr,fr, m_pixel_ration, pl, presence, sb, spin, wd, xs  session/ 1 year
Pinterest This is used to track the usage of services. _pin_unauth 1 year
Google LLC Google AdWords are used to re-engage visitors that are likely to convert to customers based on the visitor's online behaviour across websites. ads/ga-audiences, _gcl_au, _gcl_dc, _gcl_aw 90 days
Doubleclick Floodlight via Google LLC DoubleClick Floodlight cookies enable us to understand if you complete certain actions on our website(s) after you have seen or clicked through one of our display/ video advertisements served on Google or other platforms via DoubleClick / Google Campaign Manager. 1P_JAR, DSID, IDE, ANID, APISID,  HSID, NID, SAPISID, ,SEARCH_SAMESITE, SID, SIDCC, SSID 10 days/ 2 years