“Find your Omega Speedmaster with Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned. Each watch is authenticated by our in-house watch experts and supplied with a two-year international Bucherer guarantee.”

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Advantages of a Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned over a second-hand Omega Speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster is far more than just a watch; it is a symbol of precision, craftsmanship and history. When you invest in a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Omega Speedmaster from Bucherer, you not only acquire a piece of contemporary history, but also the trust and assurance associated with the prestigious Bucherer name.

A CPO Omega Speedmaster has undergone a comprehensive quality check by Bucherer, which not only guarantees its authenticity, but also ensures that it meets Bucherer’s high standards. It is a pre-owned Omega Speedmaster that has been thoroughly checked for authenticity, serviced and certified to be as close as possible to its original technical condition.

As an official specialist retailer, Bucherer offers unique access to original service parts, which means that a pre-owned watch can be certified in the truest sense of the word. In addition to Bucherer’s internal CPO certification, select watch brands can also be certified directly by the manufacturers, giving customers additional assurance of the quality and authenticity of their watch.

Visually, a Certified Pre-Owned watch is almost indistinguishable from a new one. That said, the unique charm of a vintage watch is retained, especially when the patina of originally installed parts documents the ageing process. These elements are retained and not replaced, so that the authentic character of the watch is preserved.

Another decisive advantage of a CPO Omega Speedmaster is the two-year international Bucherer CPO warranty. This warranty offers customers additional assurance and peace of mind by guaranteeing the impeccable functioning of the watch for two years from the date of purchase. Any technical defects or problems arising during this period are rectified at no additional cost. These warranty services can be used at any Bucherer boutique worldwide.

Watch brands with their own CPO certification programme are issued with a specific brand CPO warranty, in which case the warranty conditions of the respective brand apply.

With a CPO Omega Speedmaster from Bucherer, you are not just purchasing a watch, but a piece of history, coupled with the quality and assurance promised by the Bucherer name.


History of the Omega Speedmaster collection

The Omega Speedmaster, an icon in the world of luxury watches, looks back on an intriguing and eventful history that retains its fascination to this day. Since its introduction in 1957, the Speedmaster has set a number of remarkable milestones in watchmaking history.

One of the most notable milestones of the Omega Speedmaster is its role in space travel. Famously becoming the first watch on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, the Speedmaster has cemented its status as a symbol of adventure and precision. This historic achievement not only earned the Speedmaster fame as the “Moonwatch”, but also made it a fixture on subsequent Apollo missions, confirming its reliability and accuracy under extreme conditions.

In addition to its famous role in space travel, the Omega Speedmaster is also known for its robust construction and precise chronograph movement. These attributes have made it the preferred choice for athletes, explorers and even professional drivers who rely on accurate timekeeping.

Over the years, Omega has released different versions and variations of the Speedmaster, each with unique features and innovations that have contributed to the Speedmaster’s iconic status. From the classic models to the modern variations, each Speedmaster retains the core of its original design philosophy while being enhanced with new technologies and materials.

The history of the Omega Speedmaster is a story of innovation, precision and adventure. This rich history is reflected in every Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned Omega Speedmaster, which is not just a watch, but a part of this remarkable story. Each CPO Speedmaster bears the traces of its past, while at the same time meeting modern demands for precision and reliability. These watches are more than just timepieces; they are testimonies to an extraordinary history that can fill any wearer with pride.


How is a pre-owned Omega Speedmaster reconditioned?

The reconditioning of a Certified Pre-Owned Omega Speedmaster at Bucherer is a comprehensive and meticulous process that ensures that every watch that leaves Bucherer meets the highest standards. This process involves several key steps to ensure the quality and authenticity of each watch.

Thorough assessment

First of all, every Omega Speedmaster undergoes a detailed inspection by experts. All components of the pre-owned watch are inspected in detail to identify possible defects or damage. This thorough assessment is crucial to ensure that each watch meets the strict quality criteria.

Authenticity check

An essential part of the reconditioning process is the comprehensive verification of the authenticity of each pre-owned watch. Specialists perform detailed checks to confirm the authenticity of every component of the Omega Speedmaster. This includes checking the serial number, case, movement and other characteristic features of the watch.

Ultrasonic cleaning

After the inspection, the watches undergo thorough ultrasonic cleaning. This removes even the smallest particles of dust and dirt and restores the watches to pristine condition.

Diagnostic testing of all watch functions

All functions of the watch, from timekeeping to special complications, are tested carefully. This ensures that every function of the watch works flawlessly and meets the high expectations of customers. 

Authentication and servicing of the movement

The movement of every Omega Speedmaster is meticulously inspected and authenticated. If necessary, servicing or repairs are carried out to ensure the precision and reliability of timekeeping.

Setting the time and checking the power reserve

The time is set precisely and the power reserve of the watch is checked. This is a key step in ensuring its proper functioning.

Water resistance test

Finally, a water resistance test is carried out, including the watch glass, crown and sealing rings. This ensures optimum protection against water.

With this meticulous reconditioning process, Bucherer ensures that every pre-owned Omega Speedmaster is in the same technical condition as a new timepiece. This guarantees satisfaction and reliability for the new owner and demonstrates Bucherer’s commitment to quality and excellence.

Design and aesthetisc of a pre-owned Omega Speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster, an icon in the world of chronographs, captivates with its sophisticated design that combines both elegance and functionality. Its unmistakable appearance reflects the rich history of the watch and its role in significant events.

Case and dial of the Omega Speedmaster

The case of the Omega Speedmaster is robust and hard-wearing, made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or sometimes more luxurious metals such as gold. It is designed to withstand the rigours of everyday life as well as more challenging conditions such as those encountered in space travel. The size and shape of the case are designed to optimise comfort and legibility without being obtrusive. 

The dial, a central aspect of the design, is usually black and creates a striking contrast to the white hands and indices. This colour scheme ensures excellent legibility under different lighting conditions. The layout of the dial is both functional and aesthetic, with carefully positioned chronograph subdials showing time elapsed and often other functions.

Special design features of the Omega Speedmaster

A characteristic feature of the Omega Speedmaster is the tachymeter scale on the bezel, an innovation used to calculate speeds over a known distance. This feature is not only practical, but also reflects the technical expertise that goes into every Omega Speedmaster.

The watch’s pushers and crown are designed to allow ease of use while complementing the overall design. The integration of these elements into the overall design of the watch reflects Omega’s attention to detail and user-friendliness.

Altogether, the design of the Omega Speedmaster is a balance of tradition and innovation. Every element, from the shape of the case to the choice of materials, contributes to the overall aesthetic and makes the Speedmaster a watch that holds a significant place both in the history of watchmaking and in the modern world of horlogerie or watchmaking craftsmanship. Its robust construction, coupled with a sophisticated appearance, makes it a favourite timepiece for watch-lovers all over the world.

Technical details of a pre-owned Omega Speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster is not only known for its iconic design, but also for its remarkable technical features, which make it one of the most exceptional watches of its kind.

Movement and calibre of the pre-owned Omega Speedmaster

At the heart of the Omega Speedmaster ticks a precise and reliable movement that is renowned for its longevity and accuracy. The early Speedmaster models were equipped with the famous hand-wound Calibre 321 movement, renowned for its robustness and its use in the first moon landing missions. Modern versions of the Speedmaster use more advanced calibres such as the Calibre 9300, a co-axial chronograph movement renowned for its improved accuracy and ease of servicing.

Functions and complications of the Omega Speedmaster

In addition to basic timekeeping, many Speedmaster models feature additional functions such as chronographs, tachymeter scales and, in some cases, date displays. The chronograph enables precise timekeeping of events, while the tachymeter scale on the bezel can be used to calculate speeds. These functions are not only practical, but also reflect the Speedmaster’s historical connection to space travel and motorsport.

Water resistance of the pre-owned Omega Speedmaster

Although the Speedmaster is best known for its use in space, it was also designed with a certain degree of water resistance to meet the rigours of daily life. The exact water resistance can vary depending on the model, with many models offering some degree of protection under water. This makes the Speedmaster a versatile watch that can be worn both in daily life and in more demanding environments.

Altogether, the technical details of the Omega Speedmaster are characterised by a combination of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and modern technology. Every element, from the calibre of the movement to the additional functions, contributes to the uniqueness and popularity of this legendary watch. The Speedmaster is more than just a timepiece; it is a piece of engineering art that unites precision, reliability and history.

Wearer comfort of the CPO Omega Speedmaster

The wearer comfort of a watch is just as important as its appearance and functionality. The Omega Speedmaster is known for its exceptional wearer comfort, made possible by its sophisticated design and ergonomic construction.

Size and weight of the Omega Speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster models vary in size and weight, which allows for different wrist sizes and preferences. Typically, the cases are sized to provide a striking presence on the wrist without being overbearing. The weight is carefully balanced to ensure comfort over long periods of time. This balance between size and weight makes the Speedmaster a watch that can easily be worn all day long. 

Fit and feel of the Omega Speedmaster

The straps of the Omega Speedmaster, whether made of stainless steel, leather or other high-quality materials, are crucial to wearer comfort. Stainless steel straps are robust and durable, while leather straps offer a softer and more flexible alternative. Regardless of the material, the straps are designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit around the wrist. The clasps are also designed for security and comfort, so that the watch remains securely on the wrist even during active movements. 

Overall, the Omega Speedmaster offers a wearer comfort that matches its aesthetic and technical excellence. The careful attention paid to size, weight and strap design ensures that the Speedmaster is not only a watch that is a pleasure to look at, but also a pleasure to wear. Whether as a CPO or second-hand watch, it offers a wearer experience that is both comfortable and stylish.

Overview of the Omega Speedmaster collection: Different versions and variants

The Omega Speedmaster collection, known for its diversity and technical innovation, offers different models, each with its own unique technical and aesthetic characteristics.

Omega Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch”

  • Special technical features: The “Moonwatch” is probably the best-known model in the collection, famous for its use during the Apollo missions. It is equipped with a robust, precise hand-wound movement that functions reliably in the extreme conditions of space.
  • Aesthetics: The classic design features a black dial with white hands and chronograph subdials, framed by a black tachymeter scale. The case is made of robust stainless steel, which gives it a timeless yet functional look. 

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon

  • Special technical features: This modern version of the Speedmaster boasts the Omega Co-Axial Calibre 9300, an automatic chronograph movement with high accuracy and improved ease of servicing.
  • Aesthetics: As the name suggests, this model features a striking, all-black design. The case is made of black ceramic, which lends the watch a modern yet robust look. 

Omega Speedmaster Professional with moon phase

  • Special technical features: This model adds a moon phase display to the classic Speedmaster design, showing the current phase of the moon. The calibre is often an elaborately decorated mechanical movement that integrates additional complications.
  • Aesthetics: The dials of these models often feature artistic designs to highlight the moon phase and offer a combination of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and modern aesthetics.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II

  • Special technical features: The Mark II is a further development of the original Speedmaster with a modernised design and improved technical features, such as an integrated chronograph mechanism.
  • Aesthetics: The design is striking with a more streamlined, “tunnel-shaped” case that differs from the traditional round shape of the original Speedmaster.

Overall, the Omega Speedmaster collection offers an impressive range of models, from historic pieces that played a role in space travel to modern variants that incorporate the latest in watchmaking craftsmanship and material science. Each model in the collection has its own story and character, making the Speedmaster one of the most versatile and sought-after watch series.