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Carl F. Bucherer

Carl F. Bucherer was founded in Lucerne in the year 1888. It has become internationally renowned for skillfully combining the highest levels of watchmaking expertise with an unmistakable style that exudes exquisite refinement. Carl F.Bucherer is one of Switzerland’s leading watch manufacturers, developing outstanding mechanical movements and watches in its own manufacture.

Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise

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Carl F. Bucherer is offering customers the chance to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces thanks to a new business unit that fundamentally redefines the company’s high-end watch offer. Called the CFB Mastery Lab, the new business unit has its own workshop, designers, and watchmakers, and promises to accommodate customer requests to an extent never before seen at the Swiss watchmaker, with customers invited to begin the individualization process via a newly developed app. The announcement is one of a number of strategic changes underway at the company. 

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The strategic vision for the CFB Mastery Lab underpins the company’s position as a true Swiss watchmaking pioneer. Rather than offering only pre-conceived, pre-costed aesthetic options, the lab promises to accommodate the most extraordinary creative wishes in terms of design, materials, and functionality. It will even undertake research and development, in concert with the customer, to incorporate their most unusual wishes, even if it takes several months or more.

“Our individualization strategy is revolutionary for the company and our high-end timepieces, and was inspired by consumer demand: they spoke, we listened, and this is for them.”
Uwe Liebminger, CFB’s CMO

The new Manero Peripheral in 40 mm

An update inspired by nature
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A refresh to the Manero lineup sees CFB’s popular Manero Peripheral in 40 mm given an injection of natural color, with circle brushed dials in blue, salmon, brown, and green, all with black small seconds; and silver white and black dials with, respectively, black and silver white small seconds.

The Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise

A celebration of modern life
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The Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise is a contemporary milestone that represents the sheer diversity of modern life, created to reflect the mindset of today's entrepreneurs and their pursuit of a range of passions, in work and life. They're uninhibited, open-minded, and see the potential in every challenge - and just like them, the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise's celebration of color is impossible to pin down as one thing or another. In nature, a rainbow is a metaphor for the realization of our dreams: this singular watch says paradise is all around us, however you choose to define it.

Manero Flyback 40mm

A Colorful Lineup
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The Manero Flyback in green reflects the explosion of green you might experience as you hike through the rolling hills in the countryside in spring. Its white dial has a sunray-brushed surface with boldly contrasting green subdials.
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The Manero Flyback in blue suggests an expansive blue sky overhead as you recharge next to a peaceful lake in a mountain valley.
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The Manero Flyback in red recalls the stunning hues of the burning desert sands beneath your hiking boots as you walk toward a seductive crimson sunset at the end of a perfect day.
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Black and White

The last two versions are the ultimate shared expression of shadow and light. These watches are the yin and yang of the collection, each in its own way a flawless manifestation of timeless classic watchmaking. The Manero Flyback in white has a white sunray-brushed dial, white subdials, and a sustainable white textile strap. Gold-plated wedge indexes and hands add a touch of luxury and distinction. Its counterpart, the Manero Flyback in black, has a black dial, black subdials, and a sustainable black textile strap and it is also distinguished by its gold-plated wedge indexes and hands.

Hometown Edition




The Hometown Edition timepieces will resonate with the people who live in each of these amazing places or who have, perhaps, adopted one of them as their own hometown. These striking limited-edition watches pay a unique tribute to some of the finest cities around the world, and wearers will cherish the chance to express their sense of identity with a place that has a special meaning to them.



Founded in 1888 Carl F. Bucherer believed that wrist watches would very soon replace the traditional pocket watches and so proved it's visionary and independent spirit.

Lucerne, Chapel Bridge.

The history and development of the Lucerne-based watch brand is closely linked to the person of Carl Friedrich Bucherer. A visionary who created timepieces that moved with the times, in the truest sense, always combining extravagance and aesthetic appeal in extraordinary ways. In 1888, Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened a jewelry and watch shop in Lucerne, and his name rapidly became a synonym for quality and originality. His two sons were destined from the cradle to follow him into the profession: one learned to become a watchmaker while the other trained as a goldsmith. Today, the combination of these two artistic skills is still reflected in the perfect form of watches, which are truly pieces of jewelry.