The fascinating world of complications

The highest level of craftsmanship from Vacheron Constantin
The most complicated watch in the world. With 57 complications and two dials, it is considered the most complicated mechanical watch in the world: a spectacular combination of complications and timekeeping functions. For eight years, three watchmakers focused solely on creating the reference 57260. Some of the most impressive of its numerous complications include a Hebrew calendar, a Westminster carillon, an armillary tourbillon and a dual retrograde split-seconds chronograph. In creating the watch, Vacheron Constantin used both traditional watchmaking principles and innovative 21st century technologies.

In focus

selected timepieces from Vacheron Constantin

Complications, put together in a unique manner

Whether it is a moon-phase display, dual time or a perpetual calendar, the production of watches with complications is a time-honoured tradition at Vacheron Constantin and an expression of its expertly crafted solutions. 
Many of these complications originally served an actual purpose – for example, the moon-phase complication was introduced to help farmers manage their fields in accordance with the lunar cycles.
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of complications with us.

Perpetual calendar

a timepiece for eternity

The crown jewel of complications

Watches that show us the endless passage of time and awaken a sense of fascination for the high level of craftsmanship involved in haute horlogerie: these complications include the perpetual calendar. With a perpetual calendar, the date is correctly displayed until at least the year 2100 with no manual intervention, a sign of the highest level of watchmaking craftsmanship. The crown jewel of complications is programmed in a way that allows it to display the correct date even in leap years until the end of the century. The intelligent mechanical programme automatically recognises the different lengths of the months and adds a leap day to the end of February every four years.
The Vacheron Constantin Overseas collection even has two versions of this beautiful watchmaking complication – in an ultra-thin case. It combines the Maison’s unique aesthetic standards with extraordinary craftsmanship and embellishments: from the hexagonal bezel that is reminiscent of the signature feature of Vacheron Constantin, the Maltese cross, to the translucent, painted dial with faceted and luminescent hands and hour markers made of gold. 

Dual time

the complication for globetrotters

Modern lifestyle and a true sense of cosmopolitanism

The second time zone is the most popular complication for travellers because it allows wearers to quickly see their home time zone as a reference. 
It was with this in mind that Vacheron Constantin developed the Overseas Dual Time as part of its collection dedicated especially to the spirit of the traveller. Everything about this watch was developed in order to take account of the variable factors that define the life of world travellers and interpreted in a practical, useful and resolute manner. This watch is the embodiment of a modern, cosmopolitan lifestyle, featuring a striking design that combines a high level of watchmaking craftsmanship with practical solutions. From the readability of the dial to the ability to set the functions seamlessly through to wearer comfort: the Overseas Dual Time has proven itself to be the ideal companion around the world. The hour hand shows the time in the wearer’s current country, while the triangular hand with the arrowhead displays the time in the reference time zone, the home time.

Moon-phase watches

the romantic complication

Timeless and elegant

In addition to the useful components of the moon phase, fascination with this complication plays an enormous role. Celestial bodies have fascinated and influenced people since the dawn of time. For this reason, the moon-phase display is one of the most popular and probably the most romantic complication in watchmaking.

The Fiftysix Complete Calendar with automatic movement shows the date, day and month, as well as the precise moon phases and is accurate to an astonishing 122 years. The latest model has a petrol blue dial and represents a modern interpretation of the legendary reference 6073 dating back to 1956, which was inspired by the Maltese cross. Yet this casual watch has a retro-contemporary style that makes it suitable for everyday use.